My journey to youtube+clickbank

Day 2:
Nothing new, im just testing various kinds of seo at my videos. One of them is slowly climbing - we'll see how it goes.

Don't be bored by not getting early result. Keep the effort and it will pay off at the end.
I'm hoping to begin a click bank project soon, I'm gonna keep an eye on this to gain tips!
I think it would be better to invest a little bit money to .info (you can find it for 0.5$) domains and testimonial videos from let's say Fiverr. Than you can edit the same testimonial video and upload it to 5 different accounts using the same domain and different or same keywords. :)

Good luck, mate. ;)
Sorry for no updates guys - i've found some more profitable CPA method and i must milk it hard, however this journey will be continued in few days.
So far my test videos are still ranking around end of first page. In few days im going to add way more videos and test way more ranking techniques.
My video is currently at # 2 first page for my main keyword but no sales yet. I posted the video on October 25. What i'm doing is using vagex..I have 2 computers viewing videos 24/7 and I apply the credits back into views/subs/likes/comments. I also ordered from fiverr 300 Social Bookmarks + 5,000 Wikis + Panda Optimized Submission + Linklicious Pro. Man I want a sale!!!!
Journey relived!
Yesterday i uploaded 7 videos and added some social bookmarks to them, today im adding views and social signals. So far almost half are on first page.
Im still testing but hope this method will work to get them into #1. We'll see!
Im direct linking, it's still part of test.
Back in time i could easilly rank videos #1, now it looks a little bit tougher. I hope to rank those 7 videos #1 withn days, if i can't - i may need some help.
Could someone advice me some ebook that is on time with youtube SEO?
Good to see you back in this journey.
Are you direct linking or use lander?
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