My journey to youtube+clickbank


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Oct 27, 2009
Hello everyone!
My name is Adrian and im from Poland.
Last google updates took hard hit at my income. Also, my mom lost her job and i lost my main SEO client and now im quite broke. That's even better, because i've got A LOT of motivation to start some new business.
My choice is youtube+clickbank as i have some expierience in youtube seo and want to try something new.
I will post daily updates here. I hope this thread will keep me motivated and meaby someone else will follow it and learn something :)
Wish me luck and see you at todays update!
Good luck with your new business plan, sorry to hear you lost your only SEO client
I wish you good luck mate, I'm also planning to implement this module, but my only problem is the creation of videos. I would be following this thread, so that if anyone can give new ideas and a way to create good videos.

Thanks for this thread OP.
Day 1 update:
Method im using is basically choosing clickbank offer, doing keyword research, choosing few keywords, ripping video from clickbank (shorting it if needed) and then uploading it - 1 video/account/keyword.
Im testing what's working best. Im trying to add some links like social bookmarks and views with a bit of social signals.
Today's target is 10 videos at one niche.
Will update you later!
Thanks for reading :)

Welcome to YT + ClickBank board. I'm in this business and will follow this journey and still testing video ranking methods.

Good Luck.
So far i added 4 videos which 2 of them are on first page. I hope my method will work for getting them #1 - so far so good.
That's the spirit buddy and that's the life. Enjoy! No matter how hard life it is. My wishes are with you. God bless you! :)
This will be very interesting, I am keen to see your progress over the next few days!
Powodzenia ;D

When it comes to clickbank I think it's also worth to check out meathead1234's "Easy $100 a day - perfect for noobs" guide, the method he presents could make you some bucks if implemented properly but I guess you already know that. For me personally youtube has been kinda harsh on me when it comes to clickbank, but I gues a good niche is the key. Good luck with your journey! I surely will be following this one.
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Day 2:
Nothing new, im just testing various kinds of seo at my videos. One of them is slowly climbing - we'll see how it goes.
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