My journey to "You don't need money to make money!"

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    Dec 5, 2012
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    Hey everyone, I'm new here.

    Please check out my introduction thread. I will post link when I am able to.

    I'm starting from scratch here, nothing, zip, NADA!

    I have nothing but;
    Internet Access
    Hotmail Account
    Twitter Account
    ****** Account
    Un-verified US PayPal Account

    If anyone has any tips for me along the way, I would appreciate it.
    I will do my best to keep a daily log of what I'm doing and my results.

    I found an ****** click bot on a YouTube video, and I've got 7 clicks earning me $0.00205
    The problem is that it clicks network links also, not only mine, but other users.

    Does anyone have a better bot that could automate this more efficiently?

    My next step is to start adding people on Twitter and start tweeting my ****** links.