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    I haven't done any banner media buying, so I thought I'd start by trying to make a banner campaign profitable on Sitescout. I'm making this journey thread to help keep things clear in my mind, and maybe get some insights from anybody else doing similar work.

    Here's what I've done so far:

    1. Took the five day trial of WhatRunsWhere and made a list (500+) of sites where people in my niche with similar products have run for 30+ days. Plus looked over all the banner designs and tried to combine common elements for my designs (also ripped a couple of the best performing to test against my own).

    2 Made two variations of my lander (one with a pre-sell article/one without) to test against each other. It's a fake questionnaire type landing page and pushes trials of health-related products based on answers (four possible products). I ran one of these, without the pre-sell article, on Facebook, but could only get a 1/300 CVR at best. I'm hoping I can improve that by targeting the right sites with the right banners here.

    3. I made 20 banners (10 for each landing page), with 16 300x250 and 4 728x90. 10 of the 300x250 are animated. I'm probably gonig to make five or so banners a day, cutting anything that gets to 10,000 impressions without at least 0.2 CTR. Hopefully I can get enough traffic for that to work out.

    4. Deposited $1500 into Sitescout and set up 2 campaigns (one for each landing page approach) using their contextual targeting.

    I used quite broad targeting categories because I have a list of domains that I'm using, so it shouldn't be a big deal. It looks like you can only use a domain list with a contextual campaign, so that's why i did that.

    I day parted so the ads run only between 11am and 2am EST, just to try and save a little money. Also adding clickthroughs to a retargeting list. Set CPM at $2.87 to start. Targeting all of US, and I have a cloned campaign I'll run in UK in a couple of days.

    5. Launched it last night, waiting on approval.

    I also have a custom tracking system that lets me see how far people get in my landing page sequence, and I can break down reports by banner ID and site placement. I'm hoping to unearth a banner style + site placement combination that delivers very high CTR and high CVR before burning through all my money. Then invest more into that, maybe buy a placement directly or something.

    My CPA is around $70 - pays out on CC trial sign up to expensive health-related product.

    That's about it. If anybody has insights into the above, please let me know. I'll keep a daily diary here until all my money is spent anyway. Should be a rollercoaster, I haven't heard of any affilaite marketer profiting from Sitescout since 2012...

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    Good luck with your journey mate. I wish you luck. :)
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    I'm guessing that since you haven't updated, you were not successful?
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    or have hit the jackpot and don't need more competitors from BHW ;)
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    Exactly, he sounds as a guy who did his homework. Petty he didn't continue with his journey report.