My Journey to get a .biz website ranked on the first page of a city near me

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    Mar 24, 2013
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    Ok so here it is day one and i bought a domain name for a city but its a .biz domain , This is for a city near my home and according to google the name of the city with fl at the end is getting 50,000 searches per month.

    So My goal is to get it ranked on the first page of google, not sure what I`m going to do with it to get it there but here is my goal the lazy mans method lol,

    Step one . today i`m headed over to fiver and get someone to setup a wordpress blog with a nice template that i have since im lazy
    Step two. Im going to view the source code of all the sites on the first page of google now and take some of the keywords they use and slap them along with a decription in the seo of the blog area
    Step three. Im going to hire a guy on fiver to splatter blast with xrumer, senuke etc
    Step four. Im going to ad wprobot or some other script i have laying dormat on my computer to auto feed stuff to my website about the city etc.
    Step five. im going to go to fiver and get social networks accounts with the name of the city on them.
    Step six . Im going to go ahead and drip feed all the social networks with four to five posts per day via hootsuite and another company that does more drip feeding than hootsuite will get me.
    Step seven. Video blasts via fiver after i create some fast videos.

    Again my goal is only to land on the first page of google and then maybe tackle being number one and again im not sure what to do with the site after its up there maybe rent it out?

    So off to fiver i go. lol any advice would be appreciated
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    This one's gonna be insteresting!

    Good luck bro and keep us posted how it goes
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    May 15, 2013
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    All I can say is good luck! I hope you the best. Don't give up when times are low.