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My Journey to First Page Ranking Success

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by rayee, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. rayee

    rayee Power Member

    Jun 21, 2012
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    This is not a journey but an imprint of what i went through

    I remembered when I first chanced upon this forum in 2013. I used to see similar link building packages on the Internet and thought that it looks scam-my and never gave it a second glance. When i saw all these reviews, I thought why not give it a try? I bought several packages but the one package that had the most effect was the one that is sold by DeadlySEO by Entri3. I am sure that many who have bought from him will agree when I say that he is a very snobbish man who does not take pride in customer service and will reply very rudely. I did endure some of his criticisms because he did deliver rankings. However when Google came in and swopped onto the many sites, we all fell down with him.

    In my moments of desperation, I meet a scammer who goes by the name of MikeyDell (Mike Dellinger from USA, Illinois). After the scam, he threw away his account and never logged in again. Overnight, I was losing my rankings, websites and most importantly my clients. MikeyDell offered to put me back on the first page and I should have realised the scam but when you're desperate, you'll want to believe the good side of things. In total, he scammed me of $10,000 and out of which, ive only retrieved back $3,000 - $4,000. This scammer knew what to say and what to do to get the money out of me and I really didn't realise it until the very end. Fuck you and I pity your children, MikeyDell.

    I was very wary of people on this forum, thereafter. I purchased many packages like BossRank, Lightning Shock, Anglo Rank, Ghost Rank, and more but none of them worked! I met this Indian on the forum who offered to help me build a private blog network. Now, if you've any knowledge of PBNs, you would know that the keywords would usually rise after 1-2 weeks. If it takes as long as a few months, then you're doing something wrong, I would say. We agreed on a price of $1,000 per month and he offered to help me rank up to 10 sites based on a PBN that he will create for it but he will retain control of all PBNs. After 2 months, other than having 1-2 keywords on the first page, the rest was off the charts. I was very hesitant to continue to pay him and either he did not know what he was doing or he was pocketing most of the profits and using 10% to built a PBN for me.

    I continued to search for solutions and was this close to biting the bullet. Should i stay or should i give up? Am I really qualified to do this? I had these questions in my mind while searching and I came upon Jon Haver. If you're thinking of outsourcing to this man, I would say "DON'T!" He might appear as a man who knows everything about PBNs but knowing about PBNs and really knowing how to create one is really different. He helped me to acquire domains and set up the sites as part of the service. Domain PRs was NA, statistics was average and nothing to shout about and I had to re-do all of the posts that he created and re-theme some of the websites. He was using InfiniteWP and he insisted that it wasn't creating a footprint *Roll eyeballs*. I can very easily use a plugin checker to check what your network sites plugins are. Google will hunt you down if reported. He was using the same plugins throughout the network and there's so many disgruntments that i can carry on listing for the entire day. Last of all, he charges $250USD to transfer domains to your account. For quality domains, I do not mind but for PR0 domains? I sure as hell, mind alot.

    At the same time of purchasing Jon Haver services, I had purchased another PBN creation service on this forum. In short, it took 2-3 months for the entire system to be set up and the seller takes really long to reply to emails. The content was very bad and obviously he's using a bad spinner. I had to re-write all of the contents, re-theme most of it, and re-do most of the websites. Domains were a minimum PR2 and statistics was average.

    I decided that I have had enough and created my own network.

    I acquired my own domains and set up my own sites. I tried to understand how the setting up of systems work by doing it myself before I hire my own VA to help me set up sites and load up the posts while i do the quality control. Initially, I was using a UK writer to write posts at $5 per post but if you're really building a network, you will be needing tonnes of posts and the writing can easily come up to $1,000. I would rather save the money for domains and websites rather than the writings thus I used a word spinner. I make sure that the plugins varies though out the site and I definitely will not apply the lazy man's tactic that I have seen in the past two service that I hired for my network. There's an additional crucial tactic that I will not share on this forum because Matt Cutts might be lurking around and then do the Google shake.

    Within a week, my rankings shot up to the first page. This was for 8 out of 10 keywords. The other 2 was on the second page. My rankings was finally back on the first page, my money is coming in again and I finally can rebuilt my database.

    It took me five months to get back to the first page because I went through so many people trying to do a short cut before doing it myself. In short, if you want to be on the first page and you're serious in SEO, learn it and do it yourself. Don't depend on others because they need to make a profit and will keep most of the profit while skimping on a lot of necessities with you.

    Be careful, and be wary of who you meet on this forum. Because you're so desperate for success, you might spend losing money along the way. Losing it to spend trying out services sits all right in my dictionary but when you're scammed, I would say, "May you not lose a lot like me". It really hurts.

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  2. sayoNara10

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    Aug 6, 2012
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    GoodLuck with your journey :)
  3. Rahul Verma

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    Jun 27, 2014
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    Thanks for the journey :)