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My Journey to don't hink about money!

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by wizzardz01, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. wizzardz01

    wizzardz01 Power Member

    Jan 7, 2010
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    Affiliate marketing
    Hello guys,

    I'm 23 years old guy from Bosnia. I am in SEO about 5 years already. I was working 3 years in biggest advertising agency in my country like Digital Marketing Director, this agency pay me good about 900 EUR/month (this is good for Bosnia), and i was working on my affiliate projects few years already ( my big mistake is because i don't put much time as i can in this projects in past, now i can make from $100 to $400/month with affiliate websites that i own).

    Agency was getting into problems and i will lost my job in next 2 months. Only problem for me is because i bought myself apartment but with bank loan, i have to pay every month 500 EUR for next 118 months :lmao: so actually i have 2 months to make new projects and to improve my affiliate websites that already make some money to make more.

    Here is my plan with starting new and improving existing projects:

    Affiliate websites improving plan:

    1. affiliate website1 - that make me most money (this website have 7 static pages with 2k articles and 20+ images linked to Amazon affiliate) - already exist 3 years and with no update still making me $50 to $150 / month
    2. affiliate website2 - website that make me in december/october and september about $400+
    3. Affiliate + adsense pharma website (not make me much money but going fine)

    Ok, i have about 20+ more affiliate websites some of them make some money, sometimes, but not going to be improving in this journey. I will work on just this 3 websites.

    1. In this week i will add article 1500+ words and 20 more products
    2. I will update my products, add more products and more articles in blog. My plan is to add 30 more products till 15th April and to add 3 more articles in blog section.
    3. For this website I will add 1 article / week - general info articles and affiliate review

    Authority website project

    I started new authority website project 10 days ago, health and lifestyle niche. I have 2 girls who write on that website, so I have 2 500+ words articles published every day. Already have 33 articles published. I will do next thing for this project:

    1. Doing keyword research for long tail kw's and giving a plan to my writers to write "SEO articles" 2000+ words (starting to publish this articles from next week, 1 SEO Article / week)
    2. Researching reddit and faq websites in this niche about some problems where people searching for answers, i will try to be fast. Find problems, tell my writers to find solution and write article about that. Linking and doing this when i can and have solution.
    3. Improving FB page ( already have 121 like on FB page)

    Monetizing this website with Adsense and with Amazon affiliate links (not yet amazon, but in future).

    I'm not paying this girls to write articles, we have deal to share the profits equally.

    Gambling affiliate website project

    This is going to be interested for me. Never before was in gambling affiliate. I found guy who are freelancer from my town, have a lot of knowledge about gambling and writing authority articles in this niche. We have deal 50%-50% for this project. I already bought great domain, did KW reasearch. My targeted audience are gamblers in Australia.

    This website will be like magazine website + how to website and ofc with online casinos reviews.

    Still stuck at finding ideal template for this website, guys if you have some great wordpress magazine or gambling niche template please suggest me. Thanks!

    I will do SEO for this website and promotion. Also need to read alot about gambling affiliate, still noob in this niche. Any help or suggestion would be great!

    My plan is to find ideal template for WP in next few days, so I can build it and publish articles that he writes.

    Local websites

    1. I have few local websites targeting my town, one of them make me some money. I have rent a car website, ranked for all KW my town + rent a car and similar KW's, having about 50-60 visits daily in season, on summer. I have my mobile phone number and have deal with 3 rent a car company from my town and getting from 8% to 10% per client. Last summer i make in 4 months about 2000 EUR from this website.

    I don't have anything to do new on this website, it ranks well, but my plan is to sell it, problem is because people here are not interested in internet business so its hard. I would be fine with 4000 EUR if i could sell it.

    2. Ok, this is new project, and will be BIG! I bought 2 years ago on auction from some Chinese guys .net domain of exact name of my town :D (few months ago one local business man offer me 8000 EUR to sell this domain, but i rejected), i am starting local news portal + directory website with this domain. I will find some donations, already find programer and designer to make this website unique. Design is already done it looks perfect! Still waiting for programer to find some free time to make wordpress theme from this design. Design and coding will cost me 2000 EUR, i found money for this.

    I also can get office in my town for free. But still searching for donations for writers. I need minimum about 2000 EUR /months. And i will find that! ;)
    Probably not going to write my progress and updates for this project, but I am sure it will be in next 1 or 2 years biggest one in my local area! I will inform you guys!

    And last my ORM, SEO and PPC services for clients.

    I am god with online reputation management, SEO and also i am good (not so pro) with Adwords and FB ads. My focus will be ORM and PPC to offer to clients, i already work for some politicans in my region ORM, and i think i can get few new clients in future.

    Ok, you know now all about me and my projects, i am retarded guy if i can't make in next 6 month enough money to pay loan and for my personal needs, about 900 EUR/month. It's not so much, but not easy to make, this is my starter goal, my final goal is to have at least 10.000 EUR / month in next few years. For me is the greatest treasure that I do not think about money! With 10.000 EUR/month this is possible.

    Sorry, this is long journey, and have to put a lot time in all of this. But i am sure this is possible! Any suggestion will be great to hear!
  2. karupoiss

    karupoiss Elite Member

    May 16, 2012
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    Go get it tiger! :D
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  3. smartboyhere

    smartboyhere Power Member

    Sep 24, 2013
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    Best of luck to your journey..
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  4. nanavlad

    nanavlad Elite Member

    Dec 2, 2009
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    SEO Consultant
    Proxy Central
    You look to have everything covered,and your expectations are realistic
    Best of luck with your business,

    Your business directory, is a great idea, in the meantime you should look at more small local
    businesses, like the car rental, this will not only make you money short term, but will help with your directory long term as well