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    Hi guys, not so long ago i built a website for learning guitar. After about a year or so i got it to the stage where it was making enough money to cover my mortgage, without me really having to put too much work into. But i noticed that the commissions were not so high as in other industries. For that reason, i switched and a month ago i decided to set up a network of affiliate sites and network blogs, and seeing as i had got a lot of information and advice from some really inspirational people on this forum, i though that i would share my experiences on here too.

    There are really no secret skills required to be a good Internet Marketer. You just have to have the passion, the will to do it and an inquisitive mind! Here is my first month's instalment....

    (i) Build Your Websites
    When i started there weren't so many good web building programs like Wordpress around, so i had to learn to code everything myself. I made tons of mistakes and was pulling my hair out trying to get my head around basic php. Nowadays, though it's crazy easy to get top quality looking websites built really quick. Wordpress is the best tool by far for this in my opinion. Pick from any number of the free website templates available - but make sure you choose one that needs as little tweaking as possible. If you find a layout and then you have to do lots of work to make it look the way you want forget it - find one that's almost ready made and you're on you way to focusing on other things. You may need to try a few layouts first, but with wordpress it's super easy to flip and change. Next up get a hosting account - and find one that has the wordpress installation plugin in the cpanel. All of your file transfers are done by this and you can back everything up with just two clicks - crazy simple right?

    (ii) Set up a Mailing List
    I got some invaluable info on web marketing from a very successful online music teacher named Jermaine Griggs. From him a learned how to make easy to understand, bitesize youtube videos as well as a fantastic email marketing strategy for building up my mailing lists. In a nutshell, i offered two free half hour videos and a downloadable ebook, plus access to my full website when you sign up to my list. It sounds like a lot but you only have to make this stuff once, and having so much free stuff available meant it was too good to be true for people not to sign up. I have some other tips on how to then monetise this process, but that will come a bit later.

    (iii) Plan your SEO strategy
    I did a lot of reading up on this and the bottom line is that you need high quality, unique, engaging content. Simply regurgitating what has already been written will consign you to the bottom of the pile. If your content is A++, the SEO will be done for you by people commenting, sharing your posts and by the search engines. That said there are a few tricks of the trade that you can use to help build up back links and generate unique content which i will go into in a little more detail a bit later on. Setting up social networking accounts is also good to do at this stage. You can setup jetpack with wordpress which means you can sync all of your social sites to your main site, so whenever you publish a post it automatically gets fired up on all of your socials, saving you much time further down the line.

    (iv) Outsource
    You may be doing this on a shoestring budget, so you need to maintain a good balance between doing the black work and freeing up your time to be able to make those big entrepreneurial decisions without blowing tons of cash. Here are a few things that absolutely should be outsourced to allow you to focus on other areas....

    a - Content - Writing good quality content is time consuming but essential. You need two types of content - top level, triple AAA articles for your main websites, that have detailed knowledge of the subject and are really clear to understand. I used to imagine that if my mother was using the website would it make sense to her - and that's really the test - if your web content isn't intuitive and easy to understand users will not be engaged and will leave your pages behind right away. The second type of content can be for your black seo strategy and so can be a little more loose on quality - but nonetheless still very engaging because we want it to be reliable enough for user to want to read it and follow whatever calls to action you implement on it. Find a good quality, reliable content supplier who has proven experience of internet marketing, preferably in your industry and work out a plan for acquiring regular amounts of content to suit your purposes. If you're running in multiple languages you will also need a good translator.

    b - Researchers - Find a good web researcher who will help investigate into seo practices, such as finding sites for building up backlinks to yours. A good web researcher with the right tools can do jobs in a much faster time than certainly i can do - just take a look on any of the freelance sites. And for a task such as researching sites for building up backlinks to shouldn't cost you more than $40 or so.

    (v) Set up your affiliate accounts
    I am planning to run probably around 200 different affiliate accounts, so it's best to get started with them right away. I have about 20 open at the moment and the main reason i am doing this now is because using affiliate marketing tools can really spruce up your site and make it look great, even if the traffic won't come until a little further down the line. The other benefit with this is that you can pick the brains of the affiliate companies you are working with about what marketing tools work good and how good (or bad) your site looks.

    (iv) Copy Ideas/Be efficient
    We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, right? And if something looks good on another site, then it will look good on your site - and it's most likely that those guys took it from another site anyway! The great thing about wordpress is that there is a plugin for almost anything and a lesson somewhere on how to use it - so when you find something you like - be focused - find the relevant plugins, check out the screenshots and read or watch a tutorial on how to use it. Never, waste time making little tweaks to your site without a clear plan of what you want to do and what the end result will be - this is how mistakes are made.

    So that's been my first month, and i now already have around 5 websites ready to go in both English and German and another 20 in varying stages of completion. I'll drop in in a few weeks or so with the next instalment.....