My Journey to a 20 Site PBN

bump on the journey, want to hear how its going for you
Thanks checking up on me! Here is the current status:

-My business plan is finished. I am waiting on just one more item before I send it off to my accountant. Unfortunately, I do not have any info about that item yet, despite asking in multiple places. If anyone knows how often I should post new content on the site after having sold all my backlinks, please let me know!!!
-I have another project that has wrapped up, so I am moving a contractor from that project to this one. I will train him on what I have learned about SEO and he will help me free up some time.
-Right now, I am looking at start-up costs of about $32-$35k. This is because I budget for my time as well. Remember that you need to include opportunity cost in there! If you are working on a project, that is time you can't spend working on something else! Without including opportunity cost, the actual expenses are about $17-$20k.

I will post another update in couple weeks!
Chapter 2: Getting Started

About a month has gone by since my last update. I have decided to launch a PBN of five sites as a trial run, and if everything goes well, I will launch the service by the end of July. It's less risky than launching 20 all at once and will give me real feedback.

Some things I have been doing in the last month:

-I have trained my contractor and we have found two potential writers for these sites.
-Together with my contractor, we are looking at domains to buy. Hopefully will acquire four in the next week to two weeks.
-I am talking to designers about thread ads. Once my websites are up and I write my marketing copy, I will make a decision on which one I buy.

Then (after a few more things are taken care of haha) I will launch my service!

Let me know if you have any questions about the work I have done over the last month, I will do my best to answer them.
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