My journey to $720 a day starting 10th august 2013

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    this is my journey to making $720 per day with my offline project. my deadline is on 10th august 2013. i will start from tomorrow 3rd august to achieve this goal from the first day until i reach to the deadline.

    my method is offline.. each sale is $72 pure profit and my goal is 10 sales a day's a high goal because i'll do this on a high scale.

    basically this is a short post that i write to log my progress in this project and to encourage myself to get to my goal.

    i actually have no idea how to write these type of journeys on this forum but i just wrote this from the top of my head i hope nobody is criticizing my post i just want something to encourage me to work harder on this project. i'm currently making around $2500 per month on CPA since april 2011 until now. but seriously this offline project is a life changing for me..if it worked then my whole life will change drastically.

    i will update my progress every couple of days as i don't login here much.

    the only rule:
    you don't have to get it right... you have to get it going

    i'll never quit this project no matter what.

    i'll hit this as hard as i can. with each breath i take, i won't stop. and no matter what. i will reach this goal. because when i do, this whole life will be my bitch.

    P.S i don't live in usa i live in egypt so $720 in my country is more than 5000 egyptian pounds. which equals 150,000 pounds every month.. the average high educated person salary in my country is 1000 pounds per month.

    please DO NOT pm me for any reason i will not respond. thanx for understanding