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My journey to $7,000 by the end of July.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TheRallymethod, May 29, 2014.

  1. TheRallymethod

    TheRallymethod Junior Member

    Jun 18, 2013
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    Just want to share my journey to $7,000 by the end of July 2014. This can be helpful for those that's looking to make that much in that time frame.

    I'm trying to get a car for that price by then...

    I am working online and offline. I don't really have time to depend on adsense and affiliate ads. Since, I am looking to make this in the next 2 months.

    My Online sources (Starting Saturday all the way until Today Thursday)

    1. Slicethepie - write music reviews and earn up to 20 cents per review. It's not easy because they are very skeptical and you have to be really detailed and make sure the reviews are not similar to the others or else they'll reject the review. Which can be a pain... because a lot of songs has the same review run down. However, I went online and found a music dictionary with different words and musical terms. That you can use for different songs and I restructure my sentences and add detail. Not easy... lots of time. But I can make -- about $25- $30 a week, If I keep it flowing like this. (3 hours a day) including the breaks. I made $25.00 so far... and payout is tomorrow. This is really boring and time consuming.

    2. Ebay - I went to the thrift store and bought $15.00 worth of goods. (clothes, books, toys and etc) And, made a $35.00 profit... so after fees and crap, I came out with about $44.00. I tried to do some research on what sell on ebay... and basically clothes, books, computer accessories and stuff like that sell. I mean of course things like iphones, laptops, ipads, other high demand high profits sell. But the things I mentioned are things that you can find cheap and at a thrift store. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a few dollar profits and the profits adds up. I absolutely have no interest in some of the stuff I bought... but there are other people that does. Some people are hoarders and will buy just about anything. So, if you sell low priced stuff and sell it... it might not be a $200 profit... but it adds up with the few dollars you do add. And, try doing it every week. I have 2 ebay accounts as well. Plan to do it again this week... (2 hrs worth of researching and about 30mins uploading pics and posting item on Ebay) $44.00

    3. Video editing: I made $100.00 on Saturday for someone from Craigslist. That was looking for his son's birthday party that he filmed to be mastered and edited. I am sort of kind of good with being creative. And I have edited a few family videos of my own... and he didn't really want any sort of production or heavy effects. Just something that was kind of structured with music and slide show pictures. So, I did that for $150.00 he was happy and loved it. Will probably work with me again in the future. However, don't know about making a career of this... because the next client might want something specific and off the wall that I cannot do... I mean, but I guess I could outsource huh? Anyhow, this took about (3 hours to do) did with Windows movie maker. $100.00 on Saturday. via Paypal.

    Things I am preparing to do online:

    - Resume building on Fiverr or Craigslist. I will do it for as low as $5.00. So, lets say I get 4 clients a week... that's $20.00 a week. Not much but it will add up.

    - Microworkers : I've done some Yahoo Posting for Microworkers only made a $1 so far. Still kind of skeptical about that... because they wait too long to pay.

    My offline sources (From Saturday to Today, Thursday).

    I have a midnight job (cleaning buildings) on weekdays... not much... but I try to let that go into my savings to build up my savings for emergency. Plus, I am a college student. I have a roommate so the rent is 50/50... and jobs come and go for the both of us... so we like to save for rainy days. But each week I put up $50.00 towards my journey this week.

    Mowing lawns - I had a yard to mow on Sunday morning/afternoon. I am not the landscaping person and I was never raised to cut grass or do any yard work. Not that I ever thought I was too good. Because my parents made me and my siblings clean the house spic and span everyday before they got home. We just never did the yard work... my uncle handled all of that. But Sunday it was 93 degrees (sun beaming) and I mowed a front lawn (not that big) and a back yard (big). Made $40 from that. Took about 2 hours... all I did was mow, no other work.

    Today, my roommate and I made $150... split it up to $75.00. We contacted about 13 real estate agents and landlords on craigslist last night... asking do they have any homes that needs cleaning. Not a clean out... just cleaning, and small junk removal. One person out of that 15 that we called... told us he had a home that needed cleaning... We gassed up the car and we went to the dollar store... bought $7.00 worth of supplies and cleaned the house this morning. The Realtor paid us $150.00 cash and said he needed another house cleaned next week. So there you have it. $75.00 made this week (2 1/2 hours) to clean the house.

    Next things I am preparing to do offline:

    Garage sale/Ali Express sale: My grandparents told me that I can have everything in the garage... plus a lot of stuff in the house. They are remodeling the house and buying all new stuff. They told me I can have all of the lamps, tables, night stands, beautiful vases, costume Jewelry, nephew toys, and my sister has a lot of summer clothes that she can no longer fit... so all of that. Therefore, I was going to hold a garage sale for the stuff. Plus, I have bought some stylish dresses, shoes and shirts for men and women on Ali Express about two weeks ago... that I had planned to sell on Ebay, but I am going to just include it in the garage sale. Probably do that this up coming Saturday through Monday. Planning to make close to $400 with it. Grandma is excited... she love garage sale. And they love to see me work and make my own money. So that should be interesting at the same time lol.

    So, all of the stuff I mentioned that I have actually done so far is only 12 hours a week.... and has already made $334.00. So If I can keep this up by just doing the things I did in 8 weeks I'll have almost $2,700. But I'm sure to make around $600 next week and the same or more the other remaining weeks... that's the goal.

    I made this add for people that need some motivation. There is money online... and I mean way more then what I'm making now. There's lots of money to be made. It just takes a lot of time, dedication and sometimes little money. When it comes to IM it's really all about building. And, whether you need money to invest, a new car like me, down payment, new motorcycle or whatever. You can definitely put in the work online and offline to make the little money that will add up.

    Just thought that this could be a help for some quick thinking on ways to hustle up. I be extremely tired with class, all of this side stuff and my midnight job.
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  2. raikkonen777

    raikkonen777 Junior Member

    Dec 4, 2011
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    Republica Moldova
    Great journey mate, it seems that you are an ambitious person, willing to work, and this definitely will lead you to success. Best of luck to you and keep up the good work!
  3. bananaman5000

    bananaman5000 Regular Member

    Mar 5, 2010
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    in my opinion you are getting ripped off. think about how much content you are producing for them, stick that stuff on your own blog with adsense and you'll make a lot more.
  4. 10101

    10101 Registered Member

    Oct 28, 2013
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    Seller - Marketer
    good luck bro, i think you have a very realistic goal