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My Journey to 50$ a day (STILL A NOOB)

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by WhatDoesTheFoxWant, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. WhatDoesTheFoxWant

    WhatDoesTheFoxWant Junior Member

    Dec 8, 2014
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    School - IM - beer
    Amsterdamnnnnn ~
    Hi there!

    Basically I'm new at this stuff. I've already posted an introduction thread to the forums. I've read a lot of threads here and made up my business plan for getting 50$ a day. I will now post my journey. At this point I've made 0$. But my goal is to get 50$ a day.

    I found a niche on which I want to focus. I have a youtube account with already 1000 subscribers in my niche. (Started out as a hobby posting tutorials in my niche). I never planned on making money with this until now! I will be uploading more tutorials to youtube with links in the description to the files for my tutorial. These links will go through AdFly and this way I'll be getting my money.

    Some videos I uploaded have only 3k views but some of them got up to 20k. My daily views are around 1k spread over all my videos. This won't get me close to getting 50$ a day. So I've been doing my research and came up with the idea of making a website around my youtube account. This website will provide all tutorials and files. This way the viewers of my youtubevideos whom press the download link for the files will be sent to my website through AdFly. When they've entered my website they will come on the webpage for the desired tutorial. The webpage will include the desired tutorial and a "download" files button which then will send the user to the final download-page through AdFly again.

    My question to you is: if I send my youtube viewers to my website through AdFly and then again send them to the actual download page through AdFly; will this method generate 2 views on AdFly for every single user that tries to download my files?

    Eventually I'll have a youtube account with tutorials and links to my website through AdFly. A website with the tutorials and download links for the files which also go through AdFly. And somehow I'll have to get more traffic to my website besides using Youtube. But this is something I'm still working on. Any idea's are welcome.

    Any feedback on this method is welcome as I'm still a noob. I'm going to check if my method works and I'll be keeping you guys up to date. :)

    P.S I have skills regarding the making of SEO-friendly websites, video's and banners.
  2. talaconheo

    talaconheo Junior Member

    Dec 6, 2013
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    Seattle, WA
    How about enable Adsense on your youtube videos?
  3. CrazyNt

    CrazyNt Newbie

    Jan 18, 2013
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    I just got on this thread, how is your goal? What are your achievements?