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My journey to $45 / day to clear my debt

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by SEONUT, Mar 30, 2013.


    SEONUT Newbie

    Apr 4, 2012
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    Hi guys

    Let me introduce my self, My name is Lee and im 29 years old. Ive been building websites on and off now for around ten years but would call my self a noob when it comes to running my own to make money from (i used to build them for clients etc)

    I currently work from home due to my partner been ill, and have recently just bought our first house. My mam lent me £11,000 for home improvements! Which is why i am on a journey to make some extra cash! I currently pay her back at £180 a month which would take around 61 months to clear this debt! which is an awful long time and would like to clear it much sooner! (By the way im not looking for people to feel sorry for me here!!!)

    Ive seen journeys on here where people are looking to make $100 a day, to me thats a massive amount of extra income! and ive worked out if i could learn and earn £30 ($45) a day, i would be able to pay this debt off in a year! which would be amazing!

    Ive been a member of blackhatworld for a while now, but have mainly been reading information which will hopefully help me achieve my targets!

    Im not looking to be spoon fed and believe if you work hard you reap the rewards in life! And thats what im looking to do. Sure im likely to make mistakes and encounter set backs, but i think its part and parcel of life. Normally though id give up easily!!, as im that kind of person which is why im making this journey thread (to hopefully push me to keep trying and not give up!, please dont let me ;)

    I have decided to post this thread before ive even found the products that id like to promote so i can document every step of the way! Maybe i should have waited but hey ho ive jumped in feet first!

    Current Sites

    Main Sites
    I have two sites that are in niches that i am passionate about and are actually involved in so writing content comes easy, These also have a decent facebook fanpages which are growing. I'm hoping to develop these further, so all money they make go back into making them better. I also have my eye on another domain id like to develop, but before i buy i need to sell my unused and unwanted domains before i progress with this project, as i refuse to use money from my bank for this just yet.

    Affiliate Sites
    I currently have two adsense sites that are earning me around $80 a month (not much compared to some on here but its a start i suppose, especially since i only add one new page a month which doesnt take me long to write and have done NO SEO). I would like to have another one or two sites like this before the year is out!

    I have two blogs using exact match domains to follow my two sons progress through a certain category of sport that they compete in. These are updated as and when they practice / compete so a few times a month. Im not currently monetizing them, but may do so in the future!

    My Plan
    From reading other peoples "how to earn money" threads, ive decided to look at the following.

    Keep developing my websites (And add new adsense sites that dont require much mmaintenance)
    Youtube + Clickbank
    Youtube + CPD
    Translate content into a different language (This is something i can easily do while working! so might as well give it ago)
    Youtube to promote a premium website script
    Post Classified ads on a daily basis promoting affiliate products (seen a post on this today)
    Might also look at CPA or something along those lines to advertise on facebook

    My plan is to give each of the above time to work before moving on to the next, in my oppinion its all too easy to take too much on and move on before you have given one method your 100%. Ive done this my self in the past!

    Other Ways
    Sell an ebook im creating (Its not targeting a big audience to be honest but is helpful.)
    Ive been converting crappy trailers into box trailers which sell really well so will keep doing them (The down side to this, is i can only do it when the right type of trailer chassis is for sale)
    Sell items that i make (They are not high priced items but dont take much time to make, and i double my money with them)

    I dont like making excuses but there are thing that will get in the way of me achieving these goals.

    Lack of time. I get up for 7am to get the boys ready for school, by the time i get back and do some of the housework its time for me to start work (10am). I then work until 4pm, sort the tea, keep the kids entertained get them ready for bed then back at work 8pm-midnight. SHIT i know but there isnt much i can do about it! The only free time i have is Saturday nights, All day sunday and monday's. So i need to be able to fit this IM in and around everything.

    Because im the only one working in the house, im skint! Id say i have a max of $100 to invest and thats at a push.

    If any one has any suggestions, id love to hear them as all the info i can learn will help!

    First Step: (Now)
    Im off to go look at products on click bank and also look at some youtube videos for ideas.

    I was planning on mking my own videos using image slides and text, and have a voice over (not my voice, ill be writing whatever i need to in google translate and allow the geezer on there to be the voice of the video ;) ) Has anyone tried this?

    Ill update this as often as possible
  2. nakamura

    nakamura Senior Member

    Mar 22, 2013
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    SEO / CPA
    sounds good! i wish you good luck Lee.
  3. DarkPixel

    DarkPixel Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Oct 4, 2011
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    Home Page:
    Many of us, don't have much time for IM (college, families and other reasons), but I know that if you want to find time, you will find plenty of time to work.
    You look pretty determined, just don't quit!

    Good luck on your journey!
  4. Blacky123321

    Blacky123321 Junior Member

    Aug 5, 2012
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    Good luck buddy!
  5. vegas23

    vegas23 Regular Member

    May 12, 2011
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    Like what you are trying to do.

    It's amazing how a relatively small amount of money can make a big difference to your life.

    Would like to make a similar small amount per day too so will be watching this with interest.

    SEONUT Newbie

    Apr 4, 2012
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    Last night after writing my first post in my journey, i looked through click bank at certain products and picked one. After looking at videos on youtube i decided to make a simple video using images with a voice over (the voice is that from google translate). It clearly states all the benefits of the product and why they should buy (and how to get it discounted). I used bitly to hide the clickbank product url.

    I joined youlikehits and will build up the youtube likes
    I bought a service from fiverr for youtube views

    Total Spent: $5
    Adsense: £1.40 (from one of the adsense sites)

    I am going to post a product review with my link on a friends page rank 4 blog
    Create a wordpress.com + blogger site promoting the product
    make another video targeting another keyword in that product niche