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    So, a few month ago I created a small website for Fifa

    You can buy virtual "booster packs" containing players and other items and create teams. You can trade with those items on a marketplace and build teams to play online with.

    My website displayed prices for a certain item-category called "Consumables" (Fitness, Contracts, ...)

    It received about 50 visitors a day. I let it run for a while, nothing really happened.

    I then decided to upgrade the thing to have it also display prices for players, which had not been done before.

    That was in May.
    Traffic started to quickly go up 6,000 visitors a day.

    That was when I quit going to University to focus on webdev.

    Skip a to few month and a 6 week internship, 2 job offers (declined) and 2 freelance contracts later.

    Fifa14 is about to be released, in fact you can already access the webapp (you can manage your ultimate team) and if you pay $30 you can already play it (who does that, for 3 days early access to a game?)

    I've created yet another version of my site:

    and this has been happening the last few days:

    Numbers for yesterday:

    I don't see why it would go back down, the game isn't even released yet.

    That's what I get: at least 1 year of this kind of traffic.

    So, what's the punchline?

    Believe in your ideas and work hard. Fuck short term, be careful with blackhat. Good onpage SEO and actual useful information does a lot. here's organic traffic for 1 month
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    That is epic. I love your message. Yes, fuck short term. Long term is the only way to create a stable anything!

    You are providing me great enthusiasm to push hard on the current project I'm working at.

    It can be done, and it will be done.

    Oh, and I bet I could ruin you in FIFA :)
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    I strongly advise you to remove any URL's, keywords, even niche, you can leave the fifa 14, but delete just about everything could lead to your site. If you don't, you will sure see a decrease of traffic soon.

    I mean, you rank now because the thing is just about to burst, but why offer your niche on a silver plate?

    Here's the trend for you main kw, you can expect it to grow even more, but inviting more competition yourself won't help your traffic:

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    Long term stuff is always the way to go!

    Thats some pretty nice numbers man, you did a great job making this site upfront and now enjoying well deserved results :)

    How's the revenue if i may ask?
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    damn you're good..