My Journey To $300 a Day - Site Rental Business

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    Hello Everyone,

    I had recent interest in joining the site rental business model / niche and getting into that game, strictly by using PPC as the lead generation source for pages I wish to rent.

    Normally and if you did not know, it seems about 90% of the marketing guys doing this site rental or pay per lead business model are doing it by SEO'ing their sites instead of using PPC. This seems fine, except for the fact when Google's algo shifts and your whole world comes crashing down.

    While most people automatically dismiss using PPC for this due to the diminished margins and work / investment required to make it work, when it does work, its a rock solid source of income / business model that keeps getting better with time.

    About me:

    I am a PPC Consultant / Conversion Optimizer by trade (have been for years) and am transitioning into site rental for several reasons:

    1. My clients always discount the value of a good landing page in which I excel in creating.

    2. Landing pages are indeed expensive. -- Why make a single landing page for a local business that will be used in one tiny geo area, work on split testing / optimizing it, then never use it again? If the client paid for the landing page outright for their own purposes, then it can't be used again, that's why....

    Combining these two items, I can use my own professional experience to create a national business that is locally focused and rent the subpages out to my clients on a monthly basis knowing ahead of time what the actual profit potential of the page in question is worth. At this point, the client then takes the potential leads or leaves them.

    I originally thought about doing profit sharing with this type of business model attached by tracking all leads in a CRM system which I still think can work, but the client has to be able to close. My experience of working with clients over the years is that they can't close unless they have been given formal sales training in at least 50% of the cases, and if the leads you do give them do not have a direct cost, there will be no rush to follow up the leads in the manner that is required to land a good conversion rate. Attaching a direct cost to each lead ensures the person you are dealing with knows what he can do sales wise ahead of time basically weeding out the people who you would not want to work with anyway.

    So without further adue, I am going to be posting updates on this new business of mine as I go along showing you guys (or gals) what trials and tribulations were associated with my actions, and, basically lay out how it is done if you are interested in doing it.

    I have picked the "Home Elevator Installation Niche" as my niche, and am currently building my site now for this business. When it is live, I will do a live case study on how this page works, why it works, and so on.

    There are around 10,000 consumer searches for "Home Elevators" in the USA alone, with an average overall deal size of around $25,000.

    Once the site is up, I personally will be using my own sales skills to sell the subpages to business owners already in this niche and will report on this experience as well.

    I would appreciate it if what you learn here is used to develop your own sales funnels to replicate my process, not to be lazy and simply jump into my niche.

    Far too often are you marketers not applying well enough direct response principals to your landing pages and this is the purpose of this thread, to show you what you are missing out on. If you do not know what a direct response landing page is, then check out my site to get some ideas:
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    Awesome, I look forward to following your progress. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great journey to have. Following along with you on it.
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    Following this one, great! Thanks for this.
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    Sorry for my noobish question.. but, how can I make a bid on a keyword?