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    Well I started this journey about two months ago. I decided to start this thread to get feedback and advice from you guys! I plan to do this 100% white hat. I started a local news facebook page, it's for a county outside of a major city with about 400,000 residents. I got the idea from another local facebook page. They post local police scanner traffic to facebook, and people love it! They have close to 70,000 likes, and from what I can tell they haven't done any advertising.

    My page:

    Like I said I started my page 2 months ago. I started by basically just posting articles from other local news sites that had news about my county. At this time I was was paying $1 a day to advertise my page and getting around 8-10 likes per day. After a couple weeks I had about 100 likes, my post were getting a few likes, and a share now and then. A few days later I got news that a popular bar in the area was closing its doors for good that upcoming weekend. So I decided to write a small article on a blogger page about the bar and how it was closing, just to test things out. I posted on my news page, then shared that post on my personal facebook page and my wifes as well. The article went locally viral, it had close to 300 shares and my webpage had over 30,000 views in just a few days. There was just one problem, I didn't realize that when people would share my link, it would only share the link, not my page as well. I just assumed it would share my page, and my link, since my page was the one to post the link. I know I've seen this happen with other pages, but for some reason it didn't happen with mine. Maybe my page has to be bigger for that to work. I was upset because I figured I should of had an extra 100-200 likes for my page due to the article going viral, and my page being connected to it.

    So two weeks ago I have another idea for an article that could go somewhat viral. I write up an article about some major road construction that's about to take place on a major road in the area in the near future that most people haven't heard about yet. Its a somewhat short article, so this time I post the article straight to my facebook page, no link. This way when it's shared, my page will be shared along with it. At the time I posted the article I had about 300 likes. The article did pretty well generically, I don't remember how many people it reached but it was shared over 70 times and I was getting a lot of page likes. Things started to slow down so then I boosted the post. As of today I have spent $12 boosting that post, it has reached 44,000 people, 42,000 which were organic, and my page is up to 450 likes.

    I have a lot more to post, like how I plan to monetize this page etc. I will post more in the next few days. In the mean time I'd love to hear your feedback.
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    I was born a poor black child
    How are you going to monitize?