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My Journey to $1000/day - Max Bounty + Clickbank

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by MikeRoss46, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. MikeRoss46

    MikeRoss46 Newbie

    Mar 21, 2015
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    Hey BHW!
    I'm Mike and I'm here to make some money.

    I'm a friend of a programmer on this forum. He's been getting into CPA more himself so we had started discussing it.
    I asked him where he learned what he has and well, here we are :)

    I also happen to be a programmer like the friend that told me about this place so I make good money that way.

    Right now I'm at about $40 a day with my new CPA endeavor - without much effort.
    When I speak about things here, it's mostly focusing on Max Bounty and Clickbank.

    I know the saying "don't put all of your eggs in one basket" is a good one to follow but, Max Bounty has been good to me.
    I see a lot of ban stories but I feel like if I communicate with my AM and get permission for everything I do, I won't have anything to worry about.

    I have income streams from CPA networks other than MB.
    I'm simply not happy with them though. Some are just junk/bad period.
    Others just don't have the sort of offers that I can turn a profit on as easily.
    I will say, Peerfly seems pretty good. I'm just not getting the same sort of conversion though.
    After I get MB rolling hardcore, I'll switch my focus to them.
    MB and PF are in definitely my two favorites though. If you want a network where the AM actually communicates with you, go with one of them.

    In the past I've had experience ranking Youtube videos. My best earner pulled in about $400/month via Adsense.
    I also used the same concept to rank a couple videos in the past to totalk about another $300/month.
    I wasn't exactly focused on internet marketing at the time so they sort of just dropped away through time.

    So, from $40 a day to $1,000 ... Seems like a big leap right? Naaa.

    I've been reading various methods on here and man do people go out of their way to do insane things to rake in $10/day.
    I'm guilty of the same. I used to sit there jumping through hoops like a madman just trying to make a few bucks.

    Finally I made the best choice I ever have regarding IM - I took a break.
    I decided I was getting too burnt out and went into freelancing on freelancer for about 1/2 a year.
    While I was freelancing, I gained a lot of knowledge simply from the projects clients had me making.
    The jobs I performed gave me a good idea of what and how they were successfully selling.

    So with my new knowledge, I decided I'm going to get back at this with a multi-pronged approach.

    Just to be clear - I will not share most of my niches ... They are surprisingly unsaturated and since I'm counting on this money to survive, I cannot share my niches at this time.

    Here's today's start though:
    View attachment 62512

    I've blanked out my publisher information as well as the names of the offers. I'm sorry BHW I promise I will share - once I'm making enough to live off of what I'm doing.

    Method #1:
    The top offer is from a website of mine. It targets a very specific adult niche.
    On this website, I share banner space with someone else.
    I have however purchased multiple domains and have plans for creating 4 (as of now) similar sites over the next couple weeks.
    Yes, 4 sites in a couple weeks.
    I can write code to fill them with unique information so I really just have to spend the time to setup the sites' framework then to code the bot to fill them with information.
    These sites will all be related and therefore, interlinked.

    2 of the sites target keywords that I'm gambling on growing big.
    I say gambling because I expect that the target niche is going to grow exponentially this year.
    They have a combined total of about 9000 monthly searches currently.

    The other two sites target somewhat longer (but not exactly "long-tail") keywords.
    They are not a gamble. They have a combined total of about 90,000 monthly searches.

    Once setup and created, I will perform only on-site SEO on these sites.
    People talk about backlinks and this and that which sure, have their places.
    Reality is though that with a NO competition niche, I've simply made pages that shot right up in the SERPs in days.
    My best one was a product I was selling. There was only 600 monthly searches but no competition.
    The rest of the site was already indexed. After making this page and WordPress pinging Google, I was in position 6 in two days.
    I'd never seen a site rank so fast then I realized that maybe I was onto something ..

    Anyway, those 4 sites will be monetized with banner ads from CPA networks.
    Max Bounty has been awesome so I'm probably going to give the space to them.
    Being adult sites, I won't be using Adsense on these.

    I expect (but could very well be wrong) for those 4 sites combined to pull in at least $100-200 a day once completed and ranked.
    They will be massive sites targeting once again a very specific adult niche and in this niche via the shared banner space on the one site I mentioned, I get about a 10% CTR.
    From that 10%, I get an average of a 6% conversion.

    So let's say roughly 100,000 monthly searches...
    Let's say I only get 10% of that traffic, we're at 10,000.
    Let's say 10% of those people click ads, we're at 1000.
    Now say only 6% of those clicks convert, we're at 60 conversions.
    Now let's say I'm using a cheap paying offer - only $3 then we're at $180.

    Mind you, these are figures I come up with from my experience.
    If I'm wrong ... If I only get 10% of that - $18/day - I still look at it as success and a step forward.
    Honestly though considering that I'm making more than $18 just from one similar site with way less searches and sharing ad space, I expect to do better than that.

    Method #2 is Clickbank.
    My plan with CB is not any specific niche.
    What I'm going to do is look for semi-hot products.
    Once I find a good potential product I will perform keyword research.
    So long as I find a keyword with at least 500 monthly searches I will then go to Google and Youtube and see if there's similar videos ranking.
    I will be especially interested to see if there's a similar YT video ranking in G's SERPS.
    If these conditions are met, I will create a video or pay someone to make a review video from Fiverr.
    Which way I go will just depend on the product and how much I know about it's niche.
    From this method, I expect to make exactly $0 right off the bat.
    In my experience with CB, you cannot get your hopes too high.
    It's a matter of doing the appropriate research, doing the work and hoping it pays off.
    I intend to do at least 3 videos a week. I'd like to do one a day but I'm not sure that's realistic.

    Method #3 ... My instant money generator (like the PP money generator - ha!).
    Seriously though, it will be.
    I'm using a specific PPC network which I will share at a later date.
    The reason I do not wish to share right now is because I'm getting clicks at $0.01-0.05 for my keywords.
    I'm promoting CPA. I thought Peerfly would have been the better route here but Max Bounty seems to be working better for me.

    I'm targeting offers with at least a $0.15 EPC.
    Beyond the EPC, I'm looking to see that they have a good landing page.
    If those conditions are met, I create a webpage on one of my sites for them.
    Since most of the offers already have a landing page, this page is simply for applying a meta-refresh.
    The page simply is named relevant to the offer, with a title relevant to the offer.
    A meta-refresh is performed, forwarding the user to the offer.
    Aside from the meta-refresh, I insert a simple line of text and a link like "You're being forward to get the money you need now! Please click here if you are not automatically transferred."
    Right now I have 5 campaigns going with 9 different ads total.
    The other hits you saw in my screenshot are from this.
    The lowest paying offer I promote this way is $25. Some payout up to $180 and they average about $50.
    In the screenshot you see 6 clicks not from my banner ad offer. For all of those clicks, I've paid $0.19 today.
    I pretty much look at it this way..
    If I take the time to research the product and keywords properly and target ONLY long-tails and keep my CPC below $0.05, I cannot lose.
    The lowest offer I'm promoting is $25 when it converts. I'm paying exactly $0.01/click.
    So essentially, if it takes 2500 clicks to convert, I'm still breaking even.
    That number is far-fetched though. Really, I'd expect each offer to convert within a maximum of 100-200 clicks.
    If they are not converting by 200, I will be pulling them down.
    Now this method is GREAT. The thing is, each campaign is targeting only 10-500 people a day.
    What this means is one campaign is not going to make me rich by any means so here's my simple solution - make a CRAPLOAD of campaigns.
    By the end of next week, I expect to have at least 50 campaigns going now that I know for sure I can get the CPC I want.
    The next week, I'll have 100 and so on. This will be something I build progressively that over time I know will pull in bank.
    Some of my offers are pay-per-call. For these, I'm making a landing page myself.
    The landing pages are simple and to the point. I then promote those pages with the ads.

    Method #4
    This one I'll share ...
    I'm promoting various Disability offers.
    I have yet to pull the trigger but the plan is to hire a VA to go around Facebook and find me relevant groups and pages.
    The VA will then message the owner/admin of the page/group and ask if they'd be willing to promote a post for me in exchange for a fee.

    Method #5
    PPD ... There's certain sites where a bunch of horny guys and girls hang out.
    I have a VA go through these sites and make a post on all of the female profiles - "Want to see more pics of me nude? Click here!"
    The link goes to a zip file hosted on Cleanfiles.
    Once they complete the offer, they get real nudies. Not the ones they were expecting but still ...
    This method is not pulling me in much and may soon be dropped.

    Method #6
    Most CPA companies/offers aren't really setup for "offline" promotion.
    I'm going to share this one with you too.
    The niches are drug addiction and loans.
    In this area drugs are rampant and those two things go together.
    I can get an ad in one of our most popular papers for $4/week.
    So ... Some offers are Pay Per Call and some are online.
    I have yet to move forward but the plan is this,
    "Struggling with addiction and want to quit? Call XXX-XXX-XXXX" ...
    If I'm not allowed to promote the number directly (still waiting for confirmation) I will then create a landing page and promote it which would then look like (in the paper):
    "Struggling with addiction and want to quit? Visit WEBSITEADDRESS now."
    Simple and to the point.

    Okay so, that's where I am.

    I truly wish I could share more.
    The fact of the matter is that I am straight up dropping other income streams.
    I do not have the time to keep them going AND move forward with this Journey.
    I need to make sure I'm living off of what I pull in before I share all of the details of my methods.
    The local paper concept though - depending on where you live - could make many of you good money with minimal investment so I hope I at least helped someone with that.

    Once I get more ads done and/or the websites (likely the ads first) I will update this thread with my earnings daily and hopefully inspire someone else to move forward with their goals.

    Wish me luck folks and, best of luck to you!
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  2. keywordspot

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    Dec 17, 2013
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    Inbound Marketer
    Near Hill Station
  3. dwpg002

    dwpg002 Senior Member

    Dec 29, 2008
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    Is Method #3 is also from pron. Is $0.01-0.05 PPC traffic was international or US traffic
  4. MikeRoss46

    MikeRoss46 Newbie

    Mar 21, 2015
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    I am doing a mixture of international and USA. Really it just depends. My ads don't target porn. I actually do not target anything specific. I look for offers that I can find 0.01 to 0.05 cent CPC for. You could apply that to pretty much any CPA network and ad network combination
  5. MikeRoss46

    MikeRoss46 Newbie

    Mar 21, 2015
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    So it's Sunday. I didn't do much yesterday so today will be spent setting up at least 10 more PPC campaigns.
    I used to just rush these things and could pop up 100 in a day no problem at that point but I never made it anywhere.

    Now it takes me 1-2 hours to get the initial campaign going and keyword research done.
    From there I make multiple ads which take little time each .. Just a minute or two.
    Before I start creating a bunch of campaigns today, I'm going to go in and see how I can improve my CTR.

    A couple of my campaigns target very very small audiences. I'm fine with that though because those ones can yield $90+/action at least so even if I only convert once a month, I'm happy. If not, I'm losing pennies so who cares.

    I have two "primary" campaigns right now ... Ones I'm focusing on the most.
    Let's call them Campaigns A and B.

    Campaign A:
    ~$50 conversion. Chance of up-sell for an additional ~$50.
    48 views, 6 clicks, 12.50% CTR, $0.05 CPC (My most expensive) ... No conversions though.
    The fact it has a 12.50% CTR so far tells me I'm on the right track.
    GOAL: Increase my daily reach and therefore my chance of converting.

    Campaign B:
    ~$25 conversion (The lowest I'm targeting with CPC)
    430 views, 1 click, 0.23% CTR, $0.01 CPC
    I'm getting a decent amount of views but my CTR is unacceptable.
    Obviously I need to create more/different ads and improve it.

    After I get those two tuned I'll be adding more and once I see any changes/improvements, I'll be sharing.
  6. MikeRoss46

    MikeRoss46 Newbie

    Mar 21, 2015
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    So, three days in and I'm in the same place.
    I seem to have hit a wall :D
    That does not deter me though.

    One problem is, I did not get up near as many campaigns as I wanted this weekend.
    I wound up drinking with some family Saturday instead.
    Really though with how much I work, I don't mind that I took a little time off. I know I'll get burnt out if I don't take a break.

    My problem is with some of these offers on the CPA network.
    I've seen many people at this point curse out their CPA network but as of now, I don't blame them.
    The problem is that I found a GREAT set of keywords with a combined total of ~20 million searches a month.
    These searches target general things so no, they're not laser focused.

    My ads are however. They state quite clearly what I'm promoting - a weight loss product - and they also clearly state the price.
    Some people are against that, some for it. Personally I like putting the price in the ad as I feel that while I may get less clicks, I'll get a higher conversion because the visitors won't be surprised.
    I spent only about 24 on this campaign. From it I got about 600 clicks. I got absolutely NO conversions.
    The offer normally costs the users about 80-140 depending on what all they buy. This one was a 5 trial of it.
    I suppose it's possible that not even 1 out of 600 did not complete the offer but that seems a little far-fetched for me.

    I have promoted other offers in the past for MB that simply did not convert.
    When I promote ads, I split them up in a way like, 3/4 of the time I just send them straight to the ads.
    1/4 of the time (it really depends on the offer) I will first send them to a squeeze page to capture their email and then send them to the offer.
    I do not do this all of the time. The reason is that when I capture emails, I can see quite literally a drop in my clicks. It's like people see the email form instead of what they're expecting and just go "screw this."

    Anyway, every now and then I will email a handful of these users and ask them how their buying experience was (simply for feedback) and I've had times where they told me it was great and they were excited to get their product ... Although I did NOT receive the conversion!!!

    I'm currently setting up a web form for this offer so I can do the same.
    I don't blame MB because some offers convert while some don't and to me, that implies it's the advertisers' faults.
    I just hope that if I provide proof, they can/will do something about it.

    So that kind of bummed me out. This is why I do multiple things though....
    First, if one is not working hot, I have the other.
    Second, if one has me frustrated then instead of "quitting" because it's all I have, I can switch to another method until I'm not tired of the prior anymore.

    In this case, I'm switching to CB for the day.

    I found 2 unsaturated keywords via G's Keyword Planner.
    Combined, they're currently at 4,100 searches a month.
    I've already created a script and submitted it to a very lovely lady that speaks very well on Fiverr.
    The script is 120 words and the video is costing me $15.

    After it's complete, I will submit the video to YT and do on-page (Title and Description) SEO.
    From there I'll add it to my review site. My review site is intended to be quite large in the future.
    I had purchased it simply for promoting Max Bounty campaigns but I realized that their offers disappear too fast.
    I still intend to promote a LOT of their offers on it but, I'm also going to create some articles on their with links to the YT videos for all CBproducts I do.
    It'll get the CB more exposure, allow for better SEO for CB, and provide content that'll be a little longer lasting than CPA.

    I had to turn everything into abbreviations after typing it all. BHW kept saying I could only post it if I donated or was here for a while. For whatever reason, it thought I was spamming (I guess, even though if I were ... Donating would not change that lol ....) Anyway, my apologies if any of it is unreadable.
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  7. tonybao

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    Home Page:
    Wow, Your Journey look great, keep updated with us .

    Good luck !:)
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  8. xpofkex

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    Aug 18, 2010
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    Good luck! I will subscribe your journey! ;)
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  9. MikeRoss46

    MikeRoss46 Newbie

    Mar 21, 2015
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    Thanks guys. I'm starting to get a little concerned here.
    My hits on the one CPA offer I was promoting reached over 700.
    I emailed some of the people that made it through my squeeze page and have gotten one reply back so far that they did indeed complete the offer and got the confirmation email for the trial. I however still have 0 conversions.

    I asked my AM about it and have not heard back since.. I was also moved onto weekly payments and unless I'm missing something, payday was sunday. I know they don't work on the weekends so it should have been sent out today.

    Further more, for periods of time their site keeps coming up with code 500 errors so I'm wondering how many potential conversions I've losing from that.
    I though MaxBounty would be great but these 3 things happening right after I commit myself to them pretty much full force and well, it's definitely not the best first impression. I say first impression because I hadn't put enough effort into them to be able to realize these 3 major things. I'm starting to wonder if I'm barking up the wrong tree.

    I suppose I'll be switching to Peerfly for CPA while I wait for MB to get back to me.

    At least I know with clickbank, I'll get most of my leads so I'm going to put more focus on ranking videos and review pages for them until I know which CPA company actually wants my business.
  10. br3ach

    br3ach Newbie

    Dec 8, 2009
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    Not sure if you intended to share this info but what tactics are you using for SEO?
  11. MikeRoss46

    MikeRoss46 Newbie

    Mar 21, 2015
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    My Idea of SEO isn't really "SEO" as most people do it.
    I hate spamming out backlinks and whatnot.
    I find next to no competition keywords and target them. I do full on-page SEO.
    After I get a video or page going, I do not spam backlinks. I do not make fake yahoo questions or anything.
    I do however look for people that have genuine interest in what I'm promoting and then link it to them.
    They're usually kind enough to share. It's not easy to find people that way but it's also not getting reported/removed within a week.
    This is how I've ranked everything and by not choosing something 5000 other people have, it usually sticks.

  12. MikeRoss46

    MikeRoss46 Newbie

    Mar 21, 2015
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    I'm starting to get a little suspicious.
    I'm not sure of whom though..

    See, the past few days I've gotten a lot of clicks via PPC and no conversions.
    I decided to start using Bing because I thought they'd be more legit.

    Again, I was getting hundreds of clicks (all days totaled, thousands...)
    At first I thought it was the CPA company screwing me but I'm not sure.
    I worked with Void to put together a tracking and promotion system.
    It's a nice web interface that tracks everything about a hit, including the IP, referer, browser, etc.
    I can also do things like make it stop on a landing page on the fly or insert an email grabbing form or well many other things.
    The point is I coded most of it myself so I know it's working right.

    I tried Bing yesterday. My ads were laser-targeted.
    The campaign with green scribbles, you can see in my tracking that there's over 200 hits.
    On the CPA stats however, only 104 ... And I already had 60 of them from other promotional methods.
    Bing's stats line up with my stats.
    MB's do not line up with either.
    In my stats, all of the IPs are unique except for a couple.
    The offer I sent those 200+ hits to always converts on about 1/20, 1/30 tops.

    I'm not even sure the point of me sharing here except for hoping maybe someone can provide some input ..
    The cyan scribbles are for a campaign where some of the hits did register on MB, but only roughly half.


    The conversion in the picture are from before I started the ad campaign.
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  13. smartboyhere

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    Sep 24, 2013
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    Good luck with Journey . subscribed..
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  14. manjeet036

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    Government Job
    Dad's Home
    nice plan.. good luck for your journey mate.... Bookmarked and subscribed...
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  15. MikeRoss46

    MikeRoss46 Newbie

    Mar 21, 2015
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    I haven't given up but Bing's been throwing me some curve balls.
    First off, I have offers that usually convert on average 1/30 and lately via Bing they're not converting via 600+.

    To top it off, my account has been put under review for what they call security reasons or whatever.
    They're fully of it. You know, this guy asks me like 500 questions about my account which I answer but in the end still doesn't unlock it.
    I simply cannot log in.

    I've seen many threads on here where people complain about being banned from something and it's clear they've done something wrong..
    This isn't one of those.

    I've been dumping 50-100 a day into their ads.
    On a bad day I make 2-3 new campaigns and upwards of 10 ads.
    Anyway, I gotta wait until they re-open my account

    Until then I'm going to try Google more.
    Keywords on Bing vs Google have completely different levels of competition so I'm going to have to re-think my campaigns.

    I did get a video up for CB the other day and it's drawn about 20 hits naturally so far.
    No conversions.
    I've 3 more lined up to get done but want to find another person to do the videos first.
    The chick for this one gave me a hard time about weight loss but I talked her into it since I thought she'd be perfect and man did she do one choppy job with it compared to the rest of her work.
    15 bucks for 40 seconds, I'd expect it to be top-notch ..

    All-in-all, no backwards progress but not much forward as of now either.
    That isn't going to stop me though.
    I don't have a deadline for my 1000/day, I'm simply going to push until I get it.
    Will update again soon.
  16. lewwy789

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    Dec 30, 2014
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    Great journey and you are very determined, you will crack this.