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    Hi friends,

    Let me say about myself because this is my first post, I am seenu from India trying to make money online from home to continue my studies which left 2 years ago due to financial problems. I always had the passion to learn but it went wrong when i studied two years and i can't pursue another 2 years to get a degree. Since then I worked as a data entry operator for about 1 year trying to forget about the past life. I also had interest in web design and seo and I built my first site then but it made much money (5.49$ still now from adsense) then for 1 year I worked as seo actually more on seo working for a travel site. sorry I think I am getting out of topic... Ok..

    I must have to make money in this year 2013 to continue my degree in the next year... so here is the plan...
    I will build ten websites that are going to get me the money.
    From adsense
    Each of my website will have adsense ads placed on it except two sites that I am planning for adult niche sites...
    I have to get 50 dollars a day from adsense which is 50/8 = 6.25 dollars from each site that seems an achievable goal.

    From affiliate sites

    I am thinking of promoting clickbank products in a site for a particular product category which gets higher number of searches.
    Also I will build a site for amazon promoting their products, I hope this gets 20-30 dollars a day, I am not sure of this if you know how much I can earn please notify me.

    From adult affiliate sites

    I am also planning to earn money by making referrals to these adult affiliate sites that work in India, As far as I have searched only adultfriendfinder, indiafriendfinder are reliable. If you know any adult affiliate that work in India Please mention it. I hope this would get me 20-30 dollars a day. As I said I will build two adult niche sites that will get me the traffic.

    Local Guide site
    I will build a local place guide site which will have important listings such as hotels, restaurants, shops etc and so I can get money from them to list their service... This won't get me much than 10 dollars a day or 300 dollars per month.

    Fiverr earnings

    I also work on fiverr to get money as freelancer this doesn't make me much but around 100 dollars a month which is enough for my food.

    These are my plans to get around 100 dollars a day,

    I have the following questions please answer me if you know or have experience
    1. Is 50 dollars a day from adsense achievable goal?
    2. Is there any other affiliate site that work in India other than clickbank and amazon.
    3. Do you know any other adult affiliate program that work in india?
    4. Do you know any other reliable money making ways?

    Any reply to this post is welcome, thanks for reading...
    I will try to update the details everyday
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    12/1/2013 Update

    As I already said in my Journey I created a website for local classified site, I am using adsense on the site to get money.
    I am not sure how much this will get me Let me update the money earned by the site at the end of the weak the site name is
    Site: a********y :shhh:
    Revenue resource: Adsense
    Money Earned: 0 (just now started)

    Now what I have to do is to do seo works such as building backlinks to get my website in the first page of search engines, submitting site to different directories and get it in reach of the people of my locality such as posting ads in local classifieds.
    I will do my 4 other sites within this week and I will keep you updated...
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    1.Yes definitely
    2.CommisionJunction,ShareASale,Plimus,Regnow etc
    4. There are many like CPA,PPD,PPC,PPV etc

    ps: If you manage to get into few reliable CPA networks then you #2& #3 will be solved.
    But i recommend you NOT to try everyting at once, go slowly.
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    Hi Seenu,

    Looks like you have a good plan but as .. suggested , go slow learn the methods , implement , correct and progress.

    1. Can be achieved though I am yet to reach this milestone :)
    2. Apart from , cj , shareasale , you can look at linkshare and some direct affiliate options like Flipkart , Myntra etc.
    3. Plugrush , DDFcash
    4. As you are into Fiverr can look into fiverr outsourcing options