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Jan 15, 2015
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Hi All,
My name is Segev.
First of, I Love this site. I Learn a lot here every time I get in.

I have red some journeys here and got inspired to start a new one.
I am yet to have my journey but sure am eager to start one.

So as a first step, I am posting here. Firing the set..go pistol.

I have great experience developing things... I Just love it... I Develop PHP, Client side's (JScript and it's various frameworks) , Action-Script, Python, Perl a bit, C# a bit... trying to get my hands on every technology I encounter (or need).
The only thing I am missing.. is understanding how to translate my knowledge into a proper steady income (I Have a job :)... But I Want to be the owner of the Job...)

So I Figured the best place to start is here... BHW....
I See many talks about Affiliation, Email lists, PPC, CPC, CPA, CPL And so many options that I assume each have its strengths and its flaws.

So I invite you guys to join me with a cooperated journey.

Unfortunately I'm low on funds.. so it all needs to start from scratch... So i cant start a super aggressive CPC campaign to drive traffic somewhere or whatever is needed.

And I Pledge.. That I Will share my profits with who ever joins this journey....
I Am just looking for people who are into this kind of adventure.

I'll state in advance, that as I am a working man... I can't spend 20 hours a day on this journey... but my goal is to get there... to be able to make this journey my financial liberation mechanism.

But I am willing to "get my hands dirty".
To do whatever is possible to make this journey work.

So for starters...
I would appreciate a bit of direction...

I've made my first step... the commitment and announcement...
Now i need to live up to it!

Where should i throw my second foot?

All suggestions will be super welcomed.

Have a great week all... And hopefully We will have a great journey ;)

Segev (Sorry for the long intro ;))
As far as I can see this is a JV proposition not a journey.. anyways, GL.
Not exactly Joint Venture...
I'me not asking people to do the job for me.. rather tutor me the path i need to take.
When i said: "And I Pledge.. That I Will share my profits with who ever joins this journey...."
I meant just that. If someone here will be helpfull and take the time to train me... Why shouldn't I reward him in case of success?

Thanks for the reply though :)

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