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My journey building a long term income (WP + AdSense + Dailymotion)

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by zqxba, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. zqxba

    zqxba Newbie

    Aug 27, 2013
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    Hi to all of you, online marketers.

    I spent a lot of time trying different methods that I could find on this forum.
    Unfortunately I never found the will to totally engage in these daily tasks necessary for the completion of a decent income.
    I tried earlier to set up a blog that could bring me some dollars with Bidvertiser.
    I neglected this blog after complaints due to automatic reblog and therefore copyrights. So I had to abandon this project.

    But here I am, ready to concentrate on a new blog. This blog is about viral content. Mostly videos. I upload every video on Dailymotion to get more incomes with advertisings and integrate thoses on articles.

    The site is already in place (domain name, hosting, responsive design, reactions to the articles, FB comments, share buttons...), square and rectangular logos were created and I choosed color codes recalling the brand identity (I used my few skills in Photoshop).
    I created a Facebook and Twitter account (no audience on FB but few hundreds of followers on Twitter), set a tool to automatically share articles on social networks with featured image.


    • Improving the audience (focus on content, organic searchs)​
    • Improving SEO​
    • Building a community​
    • Maybe buying ads​


    • 15-20 visitors daily​

    I will try to keep you frequently updated about my advancement.

    Thanks for reading :)
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