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My Journey: build email list to 10,000

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by MartysW0RLD, Jun 3, 2015.

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    Apr 14, 2013
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    Hello all, I'm making a my journey thread to keep me focused on this email list I've been trying to start. I have never done this before, so I will definitely make mistakes, but I'm going to invest pretty much daily into this, I'm going to try different squeeze pages, pay to get signups with different networks, etc. I'm not going to give anything away at first, I'm not going to try to sell anything, I'm simply going to offer information, & a helping hand in exchange for their email. It's a broad niche, that maybe takes up 20-30% of the population in my estimation, so I'm hoping to eventually get these people to opt into micro niche email lists in the future. Where I can further market to them and make more drip feed income. I will talk with this list and give them nothing but knowledge/tips for a couple weeks, until trust is earned, and I have a nice dedicated following.

    I bought a .Biz domain from name cheap, which actually looks cool for this niche, and have gotten "OptIn Ninja" the wordpress plugin. I also used name cheap for 9$ shared hosting for a whole year. I played around with OptIn Ninja until I made 2 cool simple opt in squeeze pages. There's nothing but a captivating picture and some pretty words here to entice the user to sign up. I claimed to only be taking "the first 1000 users only!" to hopefully get a higher percentage of sign ups due to urgency. I have optin ninja sending an instant email after they sign up, the message just tries to build a bond with the person who signed up, offering them a free opportunity to ask me a question. I really want to have trust with this list, and not come off as spammy, or needy. I'm going to use adfly for traffic to these opt in pages to test them out, and see which one converts higher. I will place my results in the next update.

    The last step I'm taking is I'm setting up the .biz URL with a store theme from theme forest, that I will monetize this email list with later down the road. The opt in pages have their own _____.biz/optin/blahblah urls so I can make the normal website a store, they will hopefully trust to buy from it since they'll already be on my email list for a couple weeks, before they even know this services store exists.

    Day 1 expenses:

    .biz domain = 4$
    shared hosting: 9$

    total spent 13$
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