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My Journey began 9 months ago - Renting websites

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Justinmonk, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. Justinmonk

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    Mar 17, 2013
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    Close to a year ago I came up with the idea and 3 months later I had a dozen or so people that wanted to be part of the experiment (no charge of course). So I started the sites. Besides some of the basic SEO, I bought some EDU & a couple months of link building. Then did very little over the next 9 months. I'm not very good at SEO and couldn't get more than two of them to the first page. I kind of abandoned the idea until last month.

    A friend of mine I met on another forum (My current service industry) just rebranded his company and built a website in October. It's a very SEO competitive city he lives in. Within 2 months he was jumping back and forth past the other very well optimized sites. By February he had the #1 spot for a majority of the keywords. A little light went off... He's obviously pretty good at this. We benefit each other as I'm good at sales.

    I told him about my idea and proposed a partnership. I'm really good at sales and he is really good at the technical stuff. He accepted and is more excited than I am. He starting re-doing the sites and after a couple weeks almost all are ranking on the first page for several keywords. I set back out to find some more potential customers and we have started 11 more.

    After doing some research on renting out websites, I found a thread in this forum about this very model. My current service business keeps me pretty busy during the summer, but have a feeling I'll be making some time for this project. Next winter will be really fun.

    Thanks for listening to my story...