:) My [Journey] AI Blogging Sites (Yes, another one). Display ads [ Goal 5000$ USD a month with 500 000 Pageviews ] :)

Seems you clearly don't know what you are doing.. your post made my day lol.

There are hundreds of niches which has low competition and which come with decent search volume.

Specially when you build a niche site we have to target low KD keyword clusters. That's why keyword cannabilism even exits. There are lots of users who got tanked or struggling ranking with high quality laser targeted content and super niche relavent backlinks while other rank with splitting to AI content to scrape content..

You can't judge or give statement for those.. it depends on many factors.

I never outsource my SEO or I don't offer any services , all my sites are based on scrape or AI content I build them with python modified script where you can easily find free here and I rank well.. so there are many users like us.. stop spreading lie ... If something fails you doesn't mean same exact happen to others..

Go to Whitehat sub forum here and you will see bunch of cry babies there who claims white hat not working, good content working bla bla ...

Hello, Where can I find the modified Python script? Could you please share the page link?
Very interesting.
I would be grateful if you would elaborate on this and share your knowledge on this issue.
Thank you very much in advance.

This theory has been around for a while. You can replace your webmaster with any alternative. For example, I like the free Ahrefs webmaster tool.

For decades, I have been using content generated and spun with everything from Word AI to Spinner AI, and now we're in the AI era. No matter what, whenever I encounter issues (which happens from time to time), they mostly occur with Google products, including Google Analytics.

Thirty of my sites got deindexed, and a few sites climbed to position 2 from 100, which is laughable. But they are still slowly recovering. The rest were not impacted or even improved.

Anyway, I really like the recent Google update, which I think is foolish. Now we can rank but still get fewer clicks, thanks to Google's stupid SERP layout.
AI I'm struggle with gemini and chatgpt it looks like they ignore all prompts.
Add " make all responses 95% human" has no affect, all free tools showing 100% AI.
Maybe they now have implement watermark in their code now? Which makes these tools complete useless
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