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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by roknimam, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Hello Community, I'm really not that much active but I really appreciate opinion of fellow blackhaters.

    Now, I'm planing to invest into emd micro niche sites. I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

    I plan to do following.

    - Get around 30-40 emd keywords (2400 exact local - with minimum of 5 advertisers - CPC $1) - 10-15$ each - I would buy from different sources - if you know anyone selling good keywords other then cyberzilla it would be grate if you can tell me.

    - Make every site around 10-15 unique articles (free - I have writer I pay monthly anyway)
    - I would target 2-3 keyword with every site
    - I would wait around 1-2 month to sites ages and use 30-50$ back-links service on each site. On 50% of sites I would do myself link building.
    - 30 domains would cost me around 180$
    -I would use clickbum, ctr theme and thesis theme for make all those site. Every site would look different.
    - I already have dedicated serve for my primary site so it's free for this project.
    Complete investment is around = 1200-1500$

    My expectation: -i'll go for worse scenario
    I'm expecting 50% of those sites to make profit of 50$ on average per month so that's around 1000$ per month from this project.

    How I'm realistic? I have few emd product related sites making me $2.5-$3 per day each from adsense.

    I would appreciate yours suggestions If you think I can invest those $1500 better with resource I have, or your thoughts about this project of mine.

    Thanks and sorry about my poor grammar.
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    Given that you already have a 'free' source of content, you can't go wrong. It is the content + paid SEO that makes the economics of MNS so silly when you consider the upfront investment required.