My Instagram is at 71K but I'm stumped by Facebook Fanpage!? Ideas for starving artist!?

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    I'm not doing this with to make bank and get rich quick. I'm doing this to build my community and to build some respect in my networks. Every one tells me that my photos are spectacular and I get lots of praise on Instagram. I used to get A LOT of feedback on my fanpage, until I let it go to pot and neglected it when I started focusing on Instagram. Then, when I got became better educated about Facebook Fanpages, that's when I realized that having an engaged community on Facebook is essential to getting ranked higher in Google based on Facebook Social Signals. So I'm trying to figure out a way to generate activity on my fanpage since I can't afford Facebook Ads just yet.

    I want to promote my page as an artist though, because it helps me land gigs, and I've been frustrated with the lack of activity on my Facebook! Any ideas or insight would be so appreciated. I realize you can't simply run a "auto-like" bot to get attention on Facebook like you can with Instagram. So I'm looking for a plausible solution besides just white hat. I will probably invest in white-hat methods once I get some doe coming in...

    But any help would be very much appreciated!? I do try to contribute very much to this community on Black Hat World... and i am grateful for the friends I have made on here!

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