my inexperience of stats of traffic origination

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    hey peeps...

    how do "hits" appear different to CJ or any other network if originated from a "traditional website" versus a "php double meta refresh"(DMR)...?

    (I hope I explained that properly! lol)

    To expand on what I was trying to say;

    I mainly do classified advertising, so I'm concerned about CJ or any other network seeing all my traffic originating from a classified ad site like CL or BP or kijiji, so I use a double meta refresh to hide the origin.....

    If on the other hand let's say my traffic instead came from what we'll call a "traditional website" (the whole enchilada, domain, hosting, banners ,,blah blah blah), how would it show different in their stats?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated ..! peep!