MY IM Journey to $1k/Month [Advice Needed]

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    Hello all...
    i just left university (graduated), well i have been working online as a blogger for a news website my friend owns which i did effectively scheduling through lectures and all to blog (fellow students would understand how hectic this could be) with average monthly wage of $50-60, now am done with school before furthering my studies i need to make some money for myself to suport my family, reading some of the success stories on this forum makes me so inspired, knowing fully well that there are people that makes more than a $2k monthly, i need to make a step by step plan to make me a min of $1k monthly before the second half of the year and not gonna stop until i achieve that feat... though i have a part time job (which am planning on quitting soon) which gives me a $120 monthly and i still have 6 hours a day to be online (do you think its not enough; please advice)
    with my knowledge of blogging i learnt how to design websites using content management systems (blogger, wordpress, etc..) and also pretty good with HTML & little CSS...
    i intend turning that into a service which people can pay me to do for them. ok, so i established a brand with an old friend of mine...
    Since SEO and social networking goes together with Web designing for brands and businesses so i intend reselling those services which i would check on the marketplace... currently checking out ( if u know any cheap & reliable social media reseller panel kindly recommmend or pm me & also SEO too)
    Am a bit good with photoshop with the aid of so many youtube videos tutorial i watched, so i have designed myself a logo... and designed a service website for myself...
    Well, i have been designing websites for a few acquaintances for lil or no fee since late last year and even did a promo whereby i designed 5 blogs for students and friends in my school for free, all this just to have a good portfolio

    Now i need ideas in publicizing it to make sales: (1st Capital $250, would add more as time goes)
    Yea my online publicity plan is separated into three segments
    - Email Marketing
    - SEO
    - Social Networking

    Email Marketing: Ok, i wanna try harvesting/scraping mails from local online forums within my locals/country and also search engines to build a good mailing list, but cant find any good mail extractor, downloaded a few of the internet but still cant understand why it doesn't work (kindly recommend any would prefer a free version or paid if is really good)
    Also took a tour of the local malls in my areas copying the email addresses of shops/businesses which have only email addresses in their adverts instead of their website, manually building my mailing lists...
    After that i would also be needing a bulk mail sender for my mailing list, kindly recommend any you know...
    Any other ideas please kindly share

    SEO: since i know little or nothing in this field apart from on-page SEO for websites which i use SEO by Yoast wordpress plugin to achieve, i would like to get a good SEO person to help me rank #1 on my desired keywords within my location, someone recommended going to SEOclerks to look for one or fiverr, but am a bit skeptical on this since i know little in this area...(i need good ideas and advices please)

    Social Network: i really am not a huge fan of paid/sponsored posts on social networks cos i haven't really seen the effect of it from a few people i have asked... since we mostly all about the money, i wont wanna invest in a dead end which might not gimme any future returns, now the question is; As a web freelancer is paying Facebook/twitter/IG really profitable to promote your services? if yes, like how much do you need to pay em to get a much effective turn out?
    ok, on the other side of social networking i hav a friend who have a an ammassing number of parody fanpages on fb & twitter, looking to pay him a few bucks for a month promotion of my services.

    then on IG, i purchased the mb ingram app to boost my 5 manually created accounts (but couldnt use it to its full functionality without a VPS) so i focused on my personal account using the follow 4 follow technique and i have over 15k followers there, do i still need to buy FL? cos i just need to manually grow a few accounts to promote my brands and other business ideas i develop in the nearest future... (advices needed)

    i also intending buying IG comments from a reseller to spam popular pages and tag active users with comments to visit the IG service account and lead to sales

    Are there any more method of publicizing a brand as a freelancer to get more jobs using social networks? please share...

    i decided to share this maybe a few freelancing newbies like myself would learn a thing or two, a few encouragements and ideas would be really appreciated, as a freelancer our major fear is failure/not making sales, so am being bold enough to come out plain to ask a few questions and get candid advices from pro's whom have made/achieved such feat, which would be needful on our success journey.

    Thanks BHW as you assist... Positive Vibes only... We all here to learn... :)