My idea to start new website (PPC Arbitrage) - need some advices

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    Hello guys,

    I need some help with starting new website. Here is my plan:

    I would start a new website with job listing ( i need suggestion for some Job scraper? Any good plugin?)
    Pages will be monetized with AdSense, banners will be in first plan of page. After ads will be scraped content (job description)

    I will find some poor countries to target via FB ads, try to get $0.01/click. Send that people to my website with job listing (content will be on English to get higher CPC).

    That people will probably click on AdSense ads. And i got profit. I think this could work. What do you think is it safe for AdSense?

    Also if some one of you guys doing PPC Arbitrage, please give me some advices, some good templates that convert? And also is there any job scraper?