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My Idea to make money tonight.

Discussion in 'CPA' started by xplicit, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. xplicit

    xplicit BANNED BANNED

    Jul 21, 2008
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    Hey Guys.

    I wanted to throw an idea I just had by trying to watch a live stream of UFC99 at JustinTV. Though I didnt do it or will, this might be an idea for some.

    Well the streams were taking down and now everyones begging for a live stream for it. Couldnt you just go there and send them to a CPA offer and tell them if they fill out the form they will be directed to a live stream of the fight?

    Please dont haze me on this, It was just a thought that ran through my mind... I cant even watch a dang fight without getting BHW on them...

    Wanted to edit this and say, this might be a good idea for any big PPV that comes on. I know JustinTV tries to stream them all, So you can ad, that theres no lag and has digital quality or something...
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  2. Wikolia

    Wikolia Junior Member

    Sep 26, 2008
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    Dark side of the moon
    Sounds good to me...

    Use something like godcpa to create a fake signup form and say they get emailed a validation link to activate the account (to make sure their email addy is correct).

    You could also double this up with a PPI.
    Make godcpa load a second page after the email submit, which then tells the user to download the player to view PPV video stream !
    Something like luxecash, installscash, etc

    Nice thinking buddy ;)