My idea for making money.

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    Hello all,

    I have this idea for making money on the internet. Please reply if you think this is effective or with your ideas about the pros and cons of this idea.

    As there are a lot of social networking sites and most users share files, I think a file hosting / mirroring system would be great business if marketing through social marketing and email marketing to the targeted users. Basically, You will be using a customized pre-built file mirroring script and a server with great bandwidth (I have found one such paid script here hxxp:// Once this file mirroring site is setup and tested that it works great. Marketing can be done through E-Mail and on social networks (using the social marketing services which charge you $100 per account per network). A cpalead or a popup with a survey fill,cpc or something like that can be(i am new to this forum) setup and the script can be modified so the ad revenue earned by the website can be shared with the file uploader (with live statistics). I think this is a great business. Let me know your suggestions. Please PM me if you need any specific details. Sorry if this post is completely noobish, I just wanted to contribute something on my part as everyone posts their idea in here. Thanks for your time.
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    This is a decent idea but it will depend on the amount of traffic you can drive. If you want to set up a new filehosting service, i would recommend maybe having a 30 second timer or 60 second and have an iframe where they can fill in a zip/email submit and bypass the timer. A lot of people would do it just because they don't wanna wait. If you get the site setup I would recommend going to a p0rn forum or warez forum and just reuploading clean and popular files and say this site has no download limit or something. You could also have another offer on your page saying if they fill in this zip submit it will remove their download limit. Just a few ideas...
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