My history from a poor broke guy to a successful entrepenueur

Your story is very nice. I will ponder and reflect on it. As I am currently feeling lost and directionless. Thank you
I swear I have read this post before. Maybe around 1 year ago.
Ive seen this before where that person just trying to sell that 800 website list
So this is the same version
I too had the same feeling I saved the post in case
I use all sites to promote my content but unfortunately I cant automatize most of them.. I could use sites like buffer or blog2social to automatize 15 social networks... but to promote 800 sites its a different thing.. .
My struggle now is find a way to automatize the posting tasks to my offers but most tools like blog2social only cover 19 websites to schedule posting tasks and don't cover most of websites that I used.
Is this your twin bro or something?
Interesting one. Good Luck and also sounds great
Best Of Luck For This Journey.
Keep Us Updated
I'm actually during this week, promoting one affiliate product from Clickbank that seems rising in trends and the sales are incresing in last weeks so I already setup landing page, all the design, funnel, email list etc., and start promoting in all my websites list. I'm currently at middle way (I posted at around 400 sites) and within 2 or 3 days I will finish this posting task. then I will post my stats here. Showing the visitors, email optins, purchase page entries, and sales.
most of yall (not all of yall) are hating on him fr, just celebrate him in his success rather than trying to cut him down and pick him apart simply based of the fact that yall are mad he succeded and yall didnt
I think they are all envy... it's a portuguese/south european typical behaviour .. so we are used to it! lol
Stats last 7 days:

Product: Sugar Defender (Health niche)
Gravity: 162
Product: $49
EPC = $0.69
APV = $138.36
75% commision

Landing page used with Email Single Opt-In ( 3 steps Funnel)

800 websites posted
Ban rate: 1%
Confirmed Posts: 792

- Results -

Visits on landing page - 67639
Email Submits/Visitors on affiliate page: 410
Checkout Page Visitors: 188
Sales: 36

Total profit: $1566
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