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My guide for success in INternet marketing - A step by step approach 4 these NEW DAYS SEO

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by seoguy99, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. seoguy99

    seoguy99 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 6, 2010
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    Hello BHW fellow.
    I am free right now so decided to write something for you guys.

    When i started IM, it was very easy then.
    Make a few forum profiles and you are ranked.
    Throw in some web2.0s and you can see magic but now game has been changed..

    So here is my complete guide, how do i rank my sites now a days.
    I will prefer writing it step by step.

    Step 1.
    Keyword research -
    Go and find a decent keyword.
    Use adword keyword tool.
    Here is how, you should check competition.
    A)go to adword keyword tool.
    B) try find something there, search HOW TO and other shit there and try finding something cool.
    Go for a keyword that got atleast 10k monthly searches and $2 cpc.
    Does not matter, a keyword has $35 cpc or $4 cpc, i never got more than $2-3 a click but when cpc is $1 or lower then i get very less amount and that is why, i am saying you to stick with $2 cpc atleast.
    Make sure, keyword got atleast 3000 local US searches.
    C) go to KeywordSpy.com and check your keyword there, check if it has ADVERTISERS, suppose that you got a keyword with HIGH CPC but there are no advertisers, those willing to show their ads for that keyword.

    In this case, google will display random shit ads and you will get too low cpc....
    that is why, you should check your keyword on keywordspy.com, make sure your keyword has more than 15 advertisers.

    D) competition part - download marketsamurai [its free for 14 days OR buy it, its a good tool]
    While checking competition using market samurai, UNTICK all options and tick only 2 options
    Google Index Count (IC)
    Referring Domains (RDP]
    and analyze the keyword...
    If most of the sites are displaying less than 200 count then keyword is easy for you.
    Look, if there is any little site [like keyword.com OR keyword++.com something type in top 10]
    if such a site is there, then cool, keyword is good.
    Needless to say, you will see a few sites like wikipedia and about.com in top 10 those got very high INDEX COUNT but if there are other small sites ranking in top 10 then you can also rank...

    Make sure, there is a small site [ not an authoirty site, any MFA] ranking in top 3.
    If there is something like that then keyword is damn easy.

    IF, IC is high for most of the top 10 results but RDP is low than 200 for most of the results, even then you can consider the keyword....

    Step 2:
    Buy the domain.
    If your keyword is "white teeth"
    and an EMD is available then go for that [ only.com/.org/.net] OTHERWISE
    go for
    white-teeth.com OR white-teeth.net/.org
    i mean, go for a HYPHENED domain, if emd is not available...

    Normally hyphened domains are available and they rank pretty fast...

    Step 3:
    :D :D setup the site
    what else?
    throw wordpress, throw all in 1 seo pack plugin, put meta tag details, and all other on page shit...
    Have a 2000 words article on main page of site and send 2 articles of 500 words on site and send 6 articles each of 300 words on site....

    Make sure, the main page article is a LSI article that got atleast 20-30 LSIs in it :)

    Step 4:

    my intention was to start from here actually, dont know why started from 100% beginning. lol :D

    Never and Never make blog comments OR forum profiles for your site...
    comments and profiles works great for your backlink urls but never for your site......

    here is what, i do for site.
    After sending all the articles, wait for a week atleast...
    I dont do any seo on site untill its 15-20 days old..
    Link building procedure-->

    A) make 1000 bookmarks.
    Buy service from BST for this. Most of you can not make 1000 bookmarks yourself, better outsource it.
    While making bookmarks, make 70%bookmarks for your main keyword and url and remaining 30% for different longtails and different urls of your site.
    estimated cost here - $35 max.

    Throw all urls in BackLinksIndexer.com for being indexed.
    B) make a few web2.0 blogs yourself... Web2.0s are not effective as they were before but still, they work a little...
    You can use SEnuke for making them...
    Throw all urls in BackLinksIndexer.com for being indexed.
    If you want, you can avoid these web2.0s
    Does not give bigger effects.
    Estimated cost here - Do manually or outsource for $5 on fiverr

    C) Get a software that can make WIKIs OR outsource it again...You can use Sick Submitter for making wikis...
    THrow all urls in backlinksindexer for being indexed..
    Cost here - you can get hundereds of wikis from BST for $30 approx.

    If you had applied my keyword research way, then you should rank in top 10 atleast till now....

    D) buy posts on ALN network, ALN does really great, you can get 1000 posts on ALN for $150 OR so...

    My 8 out of 10 sites, rank in top 3 till now...

    E) If you are still not ranking and not making monies THEN -->keep buying posts on personal networks of people, there are many guys, who are selling for cheap....
    Keep buying posts on personal network of people, unless you are ranked...

    You see, till D, you spent less than $250 and you ranking in top 3[hopefully] and making a few bucks...

    Make 2-3 sites every month, that is what, you can do every month....

    Here are a few tips for SMART NEWBIES -
    A) Try ranking your site for 9-10 longtails those got less than 800 searches and more than $4 cpc...
    you will rank easily for them and will make monies easily.
    B) If you are not sure, this keyword is a selling keyword, dont go for affiliate marketing, it sucks some times.
    If a keyword is HOW TO GET RID OF DRINKING BEER then does not mean, you can sell some medicine now, people want INFORMATION on HOW TO keywords....

    What i told you, is what, ranks you EASILY now a days.
    Have fun.
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  2. pix113

    pix113 Newbie

    Oct 23, 2011
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    Thanks a lot for your guide, i noticed you didn't mention any article directories using AMR or other automated software, but the wikis are are great i got an automated bot for posting to wikis and that's working great cause its giving you contextual links on high domains, wow article length of 2000 is quite long i find 800-1000 to be sufficient also good tip in varying your other posts lengths.
  3. seoguy99

    seoguy99 Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 6, 2010
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    Article marketing, directory submission :| why to spend monies there when you can buy more personal network posts for that amount?
  4. PauloPaul

    PauloPaul Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jul 23, 2010
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    Personally I have no problem throwing high PR blog comments at my money site and they're still effective if you go for sites with low OBL's.