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My google tools split test and WPsynit thoughts.

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by onthegoaudio1, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. onthegoaudio1

    onthegoaudio1 Regular Member

    Dec 17, 2009
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    So I bought 2 domains 6 days ago for a test. I think that using Google tools on my sites gives them more ways to analyze the site.. Which could be good or bad. I see people say this but wanted to see for myself.

    The only thing I did differently with the 2 sites is the tools used on site. (Analytics, SEO)

    Sites Breakdown.

    Site #1 - USING Google webmaster tools, Analytics, All in one seo.
    Site #2 - Yoast, WPSynit, NO GOOGLE TOOLS.

    - 44k local monthly searches
    - 2.2 results for "kw"
    - EMD - (.org,.com)
    - Low/moderate Competition
    - Different Hosting accounts.

    Both domains were purchased on December 8th. Both sites are using the same themes, with the same content (spun) I ordered the same 2 BHW packages for both sites. The sites have no footprint linking them together.

    The only things I did different are:

    - Installed Clicky Analytics instead of Google analytics. I did this because I feel having anything from Google on your site just gives them more ways to rate your site quality. This can be good, or bad.

    - Verified my site with Webmaster tools and immediately removed the verification code.

    - Installed YOAST SEO instead of All in One.

    - Installed WPsynit Free version - I will be purchasing this for sure. I can see it improving my rankings VERY quick. It also makes getting pages indexed quick super easy. One of my favorite plug ins by far.

    The results -

    Site #1 - USING Google webmaster tools, Analytics, All in one seo.

    Pages Indexed - 5/7
    Main KW - 24
    KW 2 - 18
    KW 3 - 16

    Site #2 - Yoast, WPSynit, NO GOOGLE TOOLS.

    Pages Indexed - 7/7
    Main KW - 11
    KW 2 - 9
    KW 3 - 9

    Really I should of did this test WITHOUT WPsyn it installed, but wanted to test it out as well. As you can see the site with WPsynit and no Google tools is out performing the one with.. I know this is long, but I am writing it to give other people ideas as well as get my thoughts out to read... :D
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  2. dbox1234567

    dbox1234567 Registered Member Premium Member

    May 3, 2011
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    WPSynit will help you get fast index
    if your 2 website in the same target keyword the first index by google
    at the first will rank as well than another