my full time job it seem getting no where.perhaps going to make me quit...will IM help me

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    my parents?
    presently only I the sole bread earner ...stay with parents who already in their elderly...

    already work in the same company for 13 years...recently conflict with bias manager is getting out of hand. Sick of him bias..on one person who is a follower...instead a worker..

    the rest of my colleagues either quit or go another section because of these two person.

    I believe IM can be a full time job
    I happen to start a thread asking for suggestion is it wise to do IM full time.
    since I quite new is wise to hold my present full time job and try to explore more on IM least can see a stable income...that day maybe I can afford to quit?

    time is running out since I going to near 40s...

    all I want is to provide a comfort life for my elderly parents.

    ok enough of talking my personal life here...

    because I have seem IM indeed can help people quit their job and work from home.
    I have seem proof ...where as of course some a fake gurus...out there portray like rich folk and help people like me.

    fellow WR bros /sisters out there....

    what serious thoughts and suggestion I should go?

    I was thinking to change job but salary wise I have to lower down.
    Im a simple person life is simple.

    even one day I become rich , i will stay in my present old house..because it bring back my childhood memories .

    Any successful WR bros and sisters can share you do it?
    perhaps maybe ..some stuffs you feel not nice to mention here can PM me

    summary I curious how those successful real IM folks do and success...

    yes I hate entertaining clients....good thing about IM is you no need to meet face to face ...with clients....

    communication mostly on email..perhaps sometime you have to most via webcam .
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    don't leave your job yet or maybe never unless you become really familiar with IM and success (not faked and hyped one's) and failure associated with it.

    Take one method start working on it in your free time, if you are successful scale it up.

    After that think what you need to do next.

    Part time job is essential for IM for little walkaround money (Like buying seo stuff etc), or you can try IM (after leaving the job) if you want to get broke lol.

    Remember there are always a risk, but don't afraid to take them.
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    Nope, don't leave your job. If you can't even correct your copy paste, your in deep trouble getting out there on your own.

    Oh, and no one is going to spoon feed you here.
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    haha, OP why did you post this here AND WF?
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    An old saying that I used to hear alot, "Don't quit a job before you have another one". Stick to that.

    As for internet marketing, you may want to try applying for a few CPA networks to get started. Here is a smll list:
    Commission Junction

    When you are asked questions about how you're going to bring traffic to their offers, just say that you have a large database of emails that are opt-in and you plan on sending out a newsletter every other day. Also include that you have been in affiliate marketing for a few years. You'll get approved.

    Then, I personally recommend trying out a free Wordpress blog or blogger page. Just to get the idea. You should also apply for Google Adsense, but not until you have a website/blog set up with a few posts. Alternatively, you can also purchase a domain from Godaddy (look for coupon codes to get the domain for $1), get a shared hosting account from Hostgator and propagate the nameservers for your hosting account to your domain. This is done in the Domain Manager section. This should guide you in the right direction. Any other questions you can probably search on the forum or even on Google.