My Friends Got Scammed In Broad Daylight

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    a friend of mine called and asked if he can borrow my Ebay account to sell some stuff. He was quite happy that he just bought two camcorder, a Sony and JVC for $1000 and thinking that they can sell them for a couple hundreds profit. Based on Harvey-Norman and JB HiFi catalogues, this brand new Sony worth $2497. who cares about JVC when you know you can profit from the Sony itself.

    They are apparently mitsuba brand.

    imagine the "HDC-8800" is removed and "mitsuba" is replaced with "sony"

    same goes to the below "JVC"

    They came with the camcorders but I instantly knew that they were fake. "Where did you buy these?"

    and here is the story.

    When my friends were smoking on the side of the road (in the City) suddenly two guys, aka scammers from here and on, pulled over and hoped off their car and offered a deal. "We are H###ey N###an employees and we got this item sent back from the buyer. A Sony worth $2497!" Said one of the scammer by pointing a sony picture from one of the catalogues. "And You'll get this JVC camcorder for free."

    there were three of them (my friends), 2 of them have denied but the other one was willing to take the risk. While this greedy friend of mine was going to withdraw some money out of the ATM, the scammers feel anxious and told the 2 to jump onto their car and drive to the ATM to make the process faster because they must go somewhere really soon. Even though he drove recklessly, the two didnt think that something's wrong. Not even tried to look at the vehicle registration plate.

    my friend paid $1K and the scammers handed over the camcorders with its bogus warranty cards and instruction manuals.

    They asked me what they should do to get their money back.

    selling on ebay wont help because they are fakes. unless you want to do fraud. use new verified account that can be purchased here. but how to withdraw the money?

    scam another random person to get the money back? lol not just because they dont have the heart to do that, but also they go to the city everyday.

    my only suggestion is to learn from this expensive lesson. whats your suggestion or maybe a way out?
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    Employ common sense next time....
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    That's an old scam. How does anyone fall for it these days. In Lodon they drive round
    in white vans full of speakers saying the had them left over from intallation and have
    to get rid of them before they return to base. Or you get the Irish selling laptops
    out the back of a car. People are just so gullable and the greediest are the easiest
    to catch. If a deals too good to be true it probably is.
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    I guess making love to your eyes since you're read
    In your mind.

    Like someone said, it's a small price your friend had to pay, I bet this can happen to him again if he does not make himself aware of the tactics they (we sometimes in IM :D) use.

    We get scammed everyday, only on a small scale.
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    2 of my buddies bought a surround sound system with a huge amp for $30 and a dime bag

    Guy had Florida plates.

    They searched the model # at home, they got a great deal :) Was like a 2,000 system.

    The thing booms at volume -30 and if it's at +1 its so loud you get noise complaints o_O

    Prolly stolen though.