My Free Guide-How I Get Targetted Traffic

Don't waste your time on his technique of traffic because "it doesn't work at all" it will only ban your Google Base account and it may be possible that your whole site might suffer... I should know because I tried it myself...
That's fucked up. The guy shares his hard work with the rest of us and you have the balls to do something like that???

And by posting something like that, you are messing with the guy's lively hood.

Piece of shit dirtbag, you don't even belong here.:fish2:

Yes. People on here are totally rude and ungrateful. One reason I don't post as much and don't come around as much in the last couple weeks. A ton of people all coming to look for free stuff because they are too cheap to pay for it, then you give them free stuff and they criticize and pick apart what you offer. These are people you can't please no matter what so I stopped trying.

I like to help people when I can but it's just not worth it anymore. Too many whiners.

I'm going to share a product.
Yeah, I could have sell it for $100 but I decided to give out for free ;)
Oops... I changed my mind, I'm going to share for first 100 downloads, NOT more than that.
The rest, you can never find it here :D Cause I'm not selling and I'm a BHW member so the rest can't share here :D
Hm... I feel like sharing again.
Oops... I have a bad mood today so I decided not to share anymore.
Thanks for those registered member :D Got a pretty good email list :D

Bro... This is how I feel :)
For those who got the file try put yourself in the shoe of those happily registered, find only wish list, no add to cart. And soon read the 3 pages thread and found out all these bs... What would you feel after wasted 30 minutes for nothing?

Of course you are the owner you have rights to do anything ;)
Share or not share is really up to you.
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What a waste of my fucking time. Thanks for nothing (apart from most probably some promo e-mails!).
JERICO!!! If u wanna share, share, but don't waste my precious TIME!! I already lost $100 just reading your thread OP!!
JERICO!!! If u wanna share, share, but don't waste my precious TIME!! I already lost $100 just reading your thread OP!!

Wasted my time trying to get this. Oh Well will look for something else

Why would you even try to get something something that was clearly removed 9 months ago?

If you took time to read the thread, the OP clearly stated he stopped sharing it on 2/11/09. If you see that and still try to get it, that's your own fault.
I tried to get it because it had been bumped to the top. I read the first few reviews and decided to try to download it. Then I read the rest of the thread and realised it had been discontinued. Not to worry. There are plenty of other things to read on here.
well acctualy he wasn't giving it for free.. he was giving it for my email address which is not for free.. guess not much respect to this forum this way (i feel this way, probably some others..)
Greedy,,,that's what I say to the people who give somthing but ask something as a return. Never say it FREE......
I tried to download the FREE Traffic GUIDE it says not available in our country, if somebody will post the direct link here it would really be much appreciated. Thank you
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