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My fiverr gigs are not making any sales even after two weeks of posting them...

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by johnnyr860, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. johnnyr860

    johnnyr860 Junior Member

    Aug 26, 2013
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    Help me understand this because it makes no sense to me considering the fact that I put up 2 gigs that were already listed by other sellers on the featured page and I tried to outsell them. I took all their gig extras and instead I offered them in my gig for the $5 gig. I made sure to offer more in my 2 gigs then all of the other featured page sellers were offering combined yet here I am a week almost 2 weeks later with no sales whatsoever despite the fact that I am offering everything they offer and more with all their gig extras included for just the $5. Yet somehow when I go to my fiverr account in my gigs list it shows that people have both clicked on and viewed my 2 gigs. Is it because I'm new to fiverr and people can see my account is new?

    I don't get it because new or not it should not matter considering I am the one and the only seller in my niche who is offering more then all the other sellers combined for just $5. I see people say that when you start in fiverr you need to outsell everyone else and start by offering more for your gig until you get sales but how come this isn't working for me? My gigs have a ton of competition I get that. There are at least 4 sellers on the featured page offering the same exact gigs as me however none are offering more for their gig then I am. Has anyone else had a similar experience with not getting sales? What worked for you?
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