My first time trying to promote a product in "Clickbank"


Apr 24, 2011
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Hi guys can I get some help here please: I want to promote a product that's due to launch sometime late june, Right now It's in so today I just filled out the form to be a JV and promote the product, I bought a domain name with the name of the product and the words review and bonus. I'm pretty decent with google rankings but what I need to know since I'm a newbie is how do I go about it and take it from here.:baby09:
I guess your next step is to push some SEO'd content up on the site (make sure you're using wordpress).

The content needs to be more then just for SEO purposes though, you need to make sure that it "sells" the product without it being a hard sell, more of a recommendation is what you are going to need.

Multiple posts targeting the product keyword is what you are going to need along with some links to push it up the rankings quickly.

As the product is launching later this month there is probably already some competition out there so you need to start posting ASAP.
So the site I build is it purely just a review+bonuses and then having the opt-in form link the the buyer to the clickbank offer?
use white-HAT seo mehthods.
then u can increase your sales with out advertising
So the site I build is it purely just a review+bonuses and then having the opt-in form link the the buyer to the clickbank offer?

it depends what your overall strategy is.. look at what others are doing in the market place..

personally i would build 1 review site that reviews all past and future IM products that are released, build it into an authority site instead of a site that will only *hopefully* bring in cash during the launch period of the product.
Make the optimum use of that time as already recommended and create some web 2.0 properties and improve your SEO ranking, Make use of some tools Like AMR, TBS, that will be really beneficial , just don't overdo it because there can be issues leading to sandbox or something.
And be careful, because if the product is really good and convertible, the big dogs will conquer your spots in no time. So don't get lazy and content because you see them ranked in there, keep on doing seo.
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