My First Post Taking a Break Time to Reflect

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    About myself. I'm a normal guy and the only bread winner of a family of four. I work in the service industry with a standard 5 day 8 hour work shift.

    Decided to get active and try Internet Marketing and hopefully with my hard work I'll be able to quit my day job. I live in sunny California by the way and I'm very thankful for everything that I have. Don't get me wrong I'm sure that things could be worst and I'm thankful that they are not. Stumbled upon this website and have been doing a lot of reading.

    I have plans to start using web 2.0 to bring traffic to my call to action pages by dominating Google search engine on specific niche key phrases but still in the learning process of how to do everything the cheapest/fastest possible way.

    What I'm learning right now is how to interconnect links between web 2.0 sites and how juiced links exactly work and how to locate sites that are owned by you that got banned so that you can change your links to keep your links juiced or maybe if that's too risky start all over again. Basically I'm coming up with a strategy I can use over and over and over again to make me money and hopefully maintain that money with little effort on my part. I'm pretty sure that came out like gibberish to most of you and I'm apologizing ahead of time.

    Stuff that I still have to do is find a outsourcing connection and actually run my little experiment.

    Hopefully I can give back to this community sometime in the near future.