My first niche site has an authority site structure. Is it too late to change it ?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by kentclub, Jan 2, 2018.

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    Hello dear BHW community,

    So here it is : I've started building my first amazon affiliate website a year ago and my money page is ranking on the second page of the SERPs right now.

    The problem is, I didn't structure it like a niche site : my homepage has a slider with the latest articles, then a list of the most recent articles and a few sidebar widgets.

    What I realised is that niche sites usually have the money article on their homepage, then supporting articles elsewhere linking to the homepage.

    That way, if the niche is Fishing Rods, the website's homepage ranks for Best fishing rods (for example).

    Me, on the other hand, I have that i'm trying to rank.

    Going forward, should I change my structure ?
    Otherwise, I'm thinking about doing other similar niches on the same website since I started building links.

    Thoughts ?
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    There's nothing wrong with having a home page that isn't a money page. Honestly, I think it looks much less spammy, though you may want to consider replacing the slider. (See

    Additionally, the home page is intended to be the central hub of your site. For my own sites I have the home page set up to include a short into to the site and then list the different categories with about 400 words describing each category and then links to a couple of my most important articles. See this great thread by BassTrackerBoats

    If your site is set up in a similar fashion, then it becomes trivial to expand your niche to cover additional areas and topics.

    If you're still uncertain, shoot me a PM and I can check out exactly what you've got setup and what might be the best way to proceed.