My First MFA Blog.. $3/click. This Stuff Actually Works?!

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by trapmuzik, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    Ok so i havent done adsense on a blog for about 5 years... been playing in the ewhoring biz for a few years and decided that shit is just too much work for the pay..

    So as an experiment I setup an MFA blog in the financial niche just to see if all the hype about adsense and blog promotion would really work.

    I did some keyword research in the financial niche and got some data on CPC for the niche keywords... $6.46.. yea sounds good so I roll with that.

    I bought some cheap .info domains with longtail keywords WITH hypens in the domain name(just to see how it would do). I get a couple of dozen articles and rewrite by hand.

    I do all the blackhat promotion (CL, referrer spam, fake trackbacks, auto comments) and some auto bookmarking and auto pinging (using wordpress).

    So I starting getting some organic traffic from google and ranking pretty good for some nice keywords. Even CL is sending in some good traffic.

    So about 3 weeks in I go to my adsense account and notice i had 5 clicks averaging about $3.20/click.. im like wow $15 bucks on a site with about 15 hits for the day.. not bad. Had like a 30%CTR... kinda scary but I said hey it was legit..lets hope they see it that way

    So now the question is it possible to do say 10 other adsense blogs in the same niche using the same adsense account? Sounds like a way to get banned real quick. I mean im not autoblogging yet... Im doing this shit au naturale for now.. how do they know i dont have a team of writers doing this shit? I mean I could very well venture off into some other niches but I really like the sound of $3 clicks. These advertisers are paying good money... ewhoring never paid that good on one click..