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May 7, 2011
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This is my first logo I ever made, downloaded aaa logo maker and made it lol. What's your opinions on my first logo?
Looks good brotha , You need to add some dark and attractive dark background so that it looks more beautiful :)
Good Luck
Looks could add some gradient to the colors and make it abit shiny to look better, i think another color besides yellow will be better.

Preciate it, I had to chose yellow because It's what the customer wanted :/. I will add some gradient as well, thanks!

Looks good brotha , You need to add some dark and attractive dark background so that it looks more beautiful :)
Good Luck

Thanks man!
Not bad for the beginning, however you need to improve your skills a lot.
Looks good bro try to implement new models with new color combination.

I like it, mainly because it's simple and gets the point across. However, a shaded background would look cool, not necessarily black but between white-gray-black
its good for a start.. but i suggest you to use the Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw for making logo .. it makes your logo high resolution with good quality and applicable to all clients needs... :)
Are you planning to sell logos or just need one done ?
If just one, head over Fiverr or BST cause honestly it's not that pretty. Looks like a logo from 10 years ago.
Concept is good but the color is odd - at-least background wise. Keep up the good works :)
Thing i can see. Colors arent really good.

You dont need to make all in 1 color so its hard to get what its all about.

Try to use basic color for name, and for subheadline use brighter color so users know what its all about
Love the eye brow at the top.
but don't use THAT eyebrow, those are stripper eye brows (they draw them in). look at kim kardashian, and copy her eye brow.

i think the concept is great and i wouldn't change it. you just need to polish your graphic design :)
looks great mate.. try to improvment!!!
looking good, need more improvement, best of luck for future
Good job, well done for doing your first logo! Do some more photoshop tutorials to improve!
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