My first few $$ from fiverr and the best compliment/feedback

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by 1link, Jul 28, 2010.

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    I started on fiverr this month and I am close to $32 by now. $8 has cleared and $24 are clearing out. The funny thing is I made almost half of the money doing nothing. I opened a gig and got someone else to do it for $3 (you get $4 from fiverr for each gig). All I did was take the orders pass it on to my partner then get the completed work and deliver it.

    However, I did some work by myself as well and this is the best feedback I got. I feel very happy and contended. The feedback was:
    here is the gig for which I got this feedback. The task was to edit and format the rough document/brochure for "Miss Caribbean Cayman Islands 2010" and finalize it.

    At first, I was sort of, can I do this? but I am very happy after getting the feedback.

    The secret to being successful with fiver is same. Do the research, find out what people really want and present your related skill and you will get a sale for sure.

    I hope it helps a few people who are still clueless about what to do to get their first $$
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    Haha, it's kind of funny that your service is proofreading, and the phrase "professional and good" doesn't even sound grammatically correct. Not trying to bust your chops, but you might get even more sales if you change that one phrase.
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    Well if you want to settle for making a few dollars here and there I guess Fiverr is alright.

    It's not where the real money is made though, although I envy the creators of the website for coming up with such a great concept (they earn $1,- on every single gig).