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    Please excuse my English translated in Google Translate
    Now in the month of July 2016 I made five campaigns using Peerfly offers for mobile. Chose as a source of traffic to Airpush. 2 companies understand that they are good and do their job properly. Which fault was me.

    I had an investment of $ 50 and all were many impressions, almost 10% of clicks on impressions, but there was no conversion.

    All offers with banners always send the advertiser's offer. Airpush provides excellent tools for banners. These banners are those who aparecian the end user, and then take it to the advertiser's offer.

    Airpush on your desktop shows no impressions or clicks, except when you go to details. But the final summary if displayed at the top right of the desktop.

    I attached a picture of the investment, the amount spent and I had zero conversions.

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