My first experiance with a potential customer need advice to change my life

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by Aces SEO, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Right now ive been doing ppd and cpa which hasn't been going to well with the way youtube has been looking.
    I've liked the idea of offline marketing but I'm not really a salesman and think I would have trouble selling the SEO services product to potential businesses.

    So yesterday I was in a tanning salon that I normally go too. I told him I was a internet marketor and he seemed interested. So I go home a get a preset kind of proposal I had from a wso offline marketing thing. It seemed really advance prolly for him. But at the end of it there was a $500 initial fee and $200 monthly fee and this included full google, facebook, and website services, you know the shabang. Defenitly worth it most people would say.

    But when he saw it and I came in the next day he said it was too much for him and that it was prolly for a starbucks or something. I tried to explain to him that he should be looking to the future and internet search is becoming more popular. I said if he wanted a cheaper version I could set him up with a adwords campaign and we could go from there. So we agreed to do this for 2 months he gave me $120 in products and Im sappose to pay the advertising fees myself. So not exactly a home run. So im linking the adwords campaign to his facebook like he wanted and he said if he sees traffic well talk about my big package. He also told me he had other people call him from other states and offer him the same stuff I was that he never bought. That was very discouraging cause im sure many of you try and do that cold call technique.

    I would really just like advice on people who are good at explaining the service or give me the name of a WSO that would be good at helping me with my social awkardness. Cause im sure my service is as good as anyones and well worth it too these clients. I just have no way to explain it too them.
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    People may take this wrong, and by no means am I saying to quit; but from personal experience in today's market I've found the urge to create the problem, just to show how necessary these services are. After all if they don't take action now, they'll fall off the map as we become even more digital. It's a favor if you ask me.
    But since I don't encourage this...I just draw things!

    As for social awkwardness - force yourself to look people in the eyes and converse. You'll begin loving it and build your confidence.
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    Practice. Don't be afraid of failure. If you're not willing to fail a 1,000 times before you succeed, then you're not willing to succeed.