my first $$ ( DOH!! )

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    my story how i made my first cash ( ok it's not on my paypal or bank account , I just assume it's mine now since it's on my cpa offer account.

    What I've done is, I went to kijiji went into all bigger cities sales section doing the following.

    I've posted an ad saying I have a broken notebook here with a certain configuration ( parts ) made it look like myself ( a female name ) was not familiar with computers.

    so i advertised i have a sony vaio
    with 100 mb hard drive disc ( of course everyone would know it's gb )
    2000 memory ( 2000 mb of course, but stupid girl doesn't know )
    graphics card
    2 processor ( commonly known as dual core )

    telling them i'd give it for free and to contact me.

    so of course replies rolled in since i posted into 6 cities.

    my reply was something like that.

    yea you can pick up the notebook, however i'd like you to do some favour for me. there's a iq test, every time someone completes it, i'd get one $


    afterwards we'll set a place and time to meet.

    so this was sent autoreply on thunderbird with a little delay.

    the page itself just cookiesliced and refer blanked so the t&c were sliced out.

    so people visited the site doing the quick test, got a pin per sms + informations it would cost 9$, ( how stupid is that , if i would sell my product, i wouldn't give them a second chance to see the costs again )

    yeah so i got some replies saying they have done it, but of course i saw they didn't. as well as some replies saying in the sms it says it costs 9$ (DOH!!) and i though i should throw the offer since noone would be stupid enough to do it.


    after i had a break watching some family guy, i came back and looked at my cpa account and i couldn't believe my eyes. someone actually was stupid enough to do it. which made myself 8$.
    convert is 12,5% so maybe it was just luck or it works.

    i further investigate and of course continue testing.

    if this gave you some nice clue. thanks :)