My first campaign and how I make money with it.

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    Whats up everyone!

    Well, I decided I needed to share this because I have browsed around the forums and see so many people desperate to make money and there are tons of ways. Im not a big IM (yet) but I make $300-400 a month doing many different things on the interenet.

    Well here is one way I make a little money.

    I recently became extremely interested in FB marketing. Well I learned how to target niches while thinking out of the box. For instance, I ran an ad for a dating service and targeted specific people in the gaming niche ;) How I did this was with a tool that snatched FB IDs from FB groups. I can litereally snatch 100,000 IDs in 20mins. I would also look for "men/women who like gaming (or whatever group had most people) and are single" Then I would snatch the IDs from that group and run ads on their pages.

    FB gives you the option when building your campaign to load a list. Well it also accepts .txt documents of IDs. So if you have a list of a million FB IDs, then you can advertise to just those people for pennies. When you target a niche by building and marketing to a custom audience in FB, it makes your CPC and CPM lower. You can also get tons of likes to a fan page this way.

    So any way, the way I make money with this method (besides an affiliate sale here and there, I need my conversion rate higher though) is by selling the info similar to a "carry-over trade". I give the info for a dollar on a site that the BHW moderation system wont let me name :( sorry. The title is optimized for SEO and I built some backlinks to it through 20 aff stores . When its ordered it's an automatic download and sends the customer to a set of you tube videos explaining how I do this method. I also give a bonus ebook that is iFramed through FB. In the video there is my aff link to the tool I use to get FB IDs. :)

    Makes a little money and I plan on scaling it up a little and seeing if I can make some more money. I think FB has a bright future and more and more businesses are going to be turning to FB marketing. I also want to expand my horizons and venture off to different ares of the IM world. Don't really know where my place is yet (obviously at $400 a month) in the IM world, but I will make my mark. I'll see you guys at BHW conference next year!

    Good fortune to everyone
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    Not bad, keep it up and you will turn that 300-400 a month into 1,000 a month
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