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    Hey guys,

    Well being that Im lazy and all about outsourcing now, I sent my guys a batch of around 15 of what I thought were the best plugins and a small tutorial. Seeing as I never did it myself Im surprised they even managed to get wordpress online.

    Anyways, I dont really know what to look for-did they do good, or did they fuck up big time?

    This is just a test, and Im sure itll end up trashed by google seeing as Im posting it here-but whatever-if they did well, Ill have them pumping these bitches out enmasse.

    Heres the stuff there using-

    #1-Privacy Policy plugin for adsense sake

    #2-Caffienated Content

    #3-Post delay plugin, Caffienated content publishes into draft mode-then the post delay randomly publishes the drafts 3 or 4 a day.

    #4-Wpvideotube, posting 1 video a day except 2 days a week-5 batches of keywords, and each is set to only run 1 day a week

    #5-RSS Agregator, pulling RSS feeds and replacing keywords with my affiliate links

    #6-The design. But I think they did allright, they just took a template and slapped a logo on.

    So, is this a good autoblog? OR, did I leave something out when sending them a "To do" list? If theres a fault, its my own-these guys just do what I tell them, nothing more.

    -PS:I've also got something else going on with this autoblog, its actually not ultimately for SEO or Affiliate sales or anything. In the end it involves bulk traffic and a certain forum spam bot. But, if this thing is actually worth the time I had to pay for in its creation;well shit-Why not add something to my spam warbox.
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