my first autoblog PLEASE RATE :D

your domain is, yet your blog is about student loans?

are you serious?
yes he's serious ... while looking at that site i lost my hair
some suggestions...

the domain is kinda odd, related names will help you, if nothing else change /blog1 to /studentloans or something.

id suggest putting the google search on the top search instead of the site search if possible...could generate more search traffic that way for you instead of having it on the bottom of the right colum

the first adsense box on the top right could be more blended in- id suggest taking off the obvious border around it that makes it stand out from the rest of the doesnt seem like your using a adsense plugin, i'd recommend downloading one so it adds ads to the related posts themselves.

also, comments are good to have turned on, you currently have them off... with them on it makes your site more social and could keep visitors coming back.

except for that it looks cool...

throw on a feedburner, or some rss poster for traffic, create some social network accounts with plugins, and etc, to help generate some traffic
I'm sorry, but I can't help to laugh..

Is this the one you tried to refer us to?

You should probably leave it 3 posts per page if you can and add 2 other adsense banners inside your posts. Take out your links/buddies/author section.. Whatever your not going to use, trash it.. You also don't want clicks leading out of your site unless it's from an adsense ad or affiliate..

btw this is towards the "hairloss" site..
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no thats not! mine
yes mine was hairloss one but im getting a domain for it now lol im not stupid to use a hairloss domain on student loan niche lol
hmm , i dont actually know...
i used feedpress to pull in content
yes he's serious ... while looking at that site i lost my hair

dude i forwarded my domain just so i could show u that site, obviously i wont use for a student loan niche
Almost forgot it is an autoblog.. You might want to get something of some sort to edit the inner links of the incoming feeds..
dude i forwarded my domain just so i could show u that site, obviously i wont use for a student loan niche

just kidding mate, don't take life too serious :drinking2
i know i didn't read all the replies but dude, I am a balding man looking for a student loan. I found your site very informative! thank you :)
You are using that adsminded or some variation of an adsense theme. Not sure if it was jsut my niche, but I had that theme on a site a year or two ago and the conversion was crap. I'm pretty sure it was the theme, because once I changed it I started making more money. It may work fine for this niche.

What are you using to Autoblog? I've never set one up like this and it looks more natural, but I'm assuming you are just using all scrapped content.
Do you mind listing all the plugins you use just for curiosity? Thanks
plugins im using are

google sitemap generator
maxblogpress ping
platinum seo
seo automatic links
social poster
Writeagain! (WHICH DONT WORK!!! imma ask for my money back lol)
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