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My first apprehensive post

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dream10k, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Dream10k

    Dream10k Registered Member

    Sep 17, 2007
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    Hi all,

    Lot of time is spent just to figure out how to earn money online.
    Just started with a site after writing the content for 20 days:)

    So now before u ppl laugh at me, i admit my slow pace.Just trying to be perfect and lost time.

    But what i read here is fast action with smartness with tricks.
    i ll try to follow u ppl as u progress.Hope then success follows me.

    Just desperate for money but dont know the quick ways.Cant wait for 6 months to generate $200/month from my first website.

    So here i begin. Any comments and advices to reach at least $50/day will imensely help me.

    Luv u all